Parking Services

Clean Fuel Vehicles

In keeping with Salt Lake Community College's effort in limiting our carbon footprint, we have reserved five stalls next to the Academic Advancement Building (AAB) and six stalls on Jordan Campus (near the HTC Building) for Clean Fuel Vehicles.

To meet the criteria for parking in the clean fuel vehicle stalls you must complete the follow:

1. The vehicle must be state licensed;

2. Must have the "C" plate, or a "C" sticker issued by the state OR;

3. Must meet the state and federal requirements for a natural gas, an electric, or as a qualifying hybrid vehicle;

4. AND you must have a SLCC parking permit displayed properly on the vehicle.

If you are not able to obtain a "C" plate or "C" sticker and meet the criteria as a clean fuel vehicle, please contact Parking Services at 801-957-4106.

The Clean Fuel Vehicle stalls are located in Lot D, striped with blue lines, and in Lot JC3, striped with yellow lines. These stalls will be available to any properly authorized clean fuel vehicles, with a current SLCC Faculty/Staff or Student parking permit.