Parking Services

Parking Permits

Parking Permits are required on all SLCC Campuses.  There is no free parking on any campus.

Parking can be a scarce commodity on campus depending on the time of day, especially the Taylorsville Redwood and Library Square campuses. We encourage everyone to carpool whenever possible, arrive early to find parking and to take advantage of the UTA bus/trax pass that can be purchased on campus

To obtain a parking permit, you will need to bring in a valid vehicle registration.  A STICKER will be issued with one vehicle registration.  A HANGTAG will be issued with two or more vehicle registrations.  Permits are assigned to specific VEHICLES. This means citations acquired on the vehicle are the vehicle owner or permit's owner's responsibility. Permits are non-transferable.

Parking without a permit is available at parking meters, in the visitor pay lot on the Taylorsville Redwood campus or by using the day parking kiosk station on the South City campus or Jordan campus. Permits are not valid at meters, in the visitor pay lot, OTA/PTA or dental hygiene stalls and will be subject to ticketing.

Parking areas are designated by lines specifying the type of parking allowed - yellow for students, blue for faculty/staff.  Lots are enforced year round. No parking permits are required on weekends.  A parking permit does not guarantee a parking space; parking is available on a first come, first served basis.

Parking permit stickers must be placed on the front windshield, lower left hand corner (driver's side).  Stickers must be completely attached to the windshield with its own adhesive backing. The permit number must be visible through the windshield. Hangtag permits must be displayed (hanging) from the rear view mirror. If you don't have a rear view mirror or your windshield is heavily tinted, contact Parking Services for a solution. If the permit is not displayed correctly, vehicles will be subject to ticketing. Permits must be properly displayed to be valid. Motorcycle permits do not need to be displayed; the license plate will be checked to verify a permit has been purchased.

No refunds will be given after 25 days from the date of purchase on permits and require proof of purchase (receipt or bank/credit card statement).

To replace a permit due to a windshield replacement, the sticker doesn't stick, or the purchase of new vehicle -  bring the permit to Parking Services office on the Taylorsville Redwood campus.  The fee is $1.00.  You must have at least 75% of the old permit. The new vehicle registration must also be presented to verify the license plate number.

We do not replace lost or stolen permits.  It is your responsibility to purchase a new one.  New permits must be purchased at the current price. Report the lost/stolen permit to the Parking Services office. 

The temporary paper plate from a newly purchased vehicle will allow parking on campus without a SLCC permit in the Student areas only, and only through the date shown on the temporary plate.  There are to be no metal plates on the vehicle as they will over ride the temporary plate.  Faculty/Staff must bring in the temporary plate registration and obtain a courtesy permit until the permanent plates can be obtained to avoid ticketing in staff areas.