Policies and Procedures

Gift Receipt and Acceptance

Chapter: 1
Section: 2.02
Computer Index Code: C1S02.02
Origination Date: 5/17/85
Inst. Council Approval Date: 12/11/85


  2. To outline the role of Salt Lake Community College Foundation as a receiver of gifts and contributions for the College, and to establish an overall College procedure for gift acceptance.

    1. To more adequately administer and account for gifts made to the College, all contributions, insofar as possible, will be made to the Salt Lake Community College Foundation (the official agency incorporated under the laws of the State of Utah to solicit and receive gifts, grants, donated scholarships, bequests, properties, etc., for the benefit of the College) in consultation with the appropriate manager. Contributions made to the Foundation will then be directed to the appropriate College School or Department.

    2. As an alternative to donations made to the Foundation, gifts and contributions may be made directly to the College with prior approval of the College President or the Director of College Development in consultation with the appropriate manager. However, the College Foundation is the specific entity established to receive gifts made for the benefit of the College.

    3. Occasionally, it may not be in the best interest of the College to receive certain gifts or contributions. Proposed gifts-in-kind or other gifts of an unusual or special nature may be subject to evaluation by the Foundation Board of Directors, by the College President, by the Director of Development, or by the School or Department manager as appropriate, prior to acceptance.

    1. The College Development Office coordinates Foundation and College fund raising activities including the receipting and acknowledging of all gifts of cash, real property, securities, equipment or other gifts-in-kind. Upon receiving any contribution, the appropriate (Foundation or College) multi-copy Gift Acknowledgement form will be completed by the Development Office. The original copy will be sent as a receipt to the donor. Other copies will be retained by the appropriate campus offices.

    2. In addition to a Gift Acknowledgement Form sent by the Development Office, all individual donors making contributions valued over $50.00, and businesses making contributions valued over $200.00. receive personal letters of thanks from the President of the Foundation Board, the President of the College, or the Director of Development, as appropriate.

      Individuals soliciting or receiving donations designated for specific College departments are encouraged to give appropriate recognition and appreciation to contributors. Copies of these letters should be forwarded to the Development Office.

    3. Gifts received through the Salt Lake Community College Foundation are administered pursuant to terms of the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws of the Foundation.

      Disbursements and use of funds are made, following the manner prescribed in the by-laws of the (Foundation) corporation. The Articles of Incorporation have been designed for ease of management and for the maximum protection of the donor and the College.

    4. In-kind items donated to the College through the Foundation will be inventoried to a special Salt Lake Community College Foundation account at the discretion of a representative of the Foundation. However, such donated items will be ultimately accountable to the College School or Department which has final disposition of that item.

    5. There may be occasions when donors contribute certain gifts, particularly in-kind-gifts, without prior notice. In these cases, the College will attempt to act in the best interest of both the donor and the College. The Director of Development will coordinate and follow through on all such cases.

    6. A variety of special awards or acknowledgements to donors may be provided by the Development Office including citations, resolutions, plaques, recognition dinners, and presentations appropriate to the amount and nature of the donated gift.

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