Policies and Procedures

Restricted Purchases and Special Procurement

Chapter:                      2
Section:                      10.04
Computer Index Code:          C2S10.04
Origination Date:             5/22/84
Inst. Council Approval Date:  10/10/84
Subject:  Chapter  2      BUSINESS--VP FOR BUSINESS
     To set forth college policies including prohibitions, special
     approvals, limitations, and restrictions, governing the 
     procurement of supplies, capital equipment and services.
     Policy and Procedure 9.0 College Procurement - General
     Policy and Procedure 9.1 Requisition Preparation and Processing
     Policy and Procedure 10 Shipping and Receiving
     Utah State Law 58-27-2,3,4
     Federal Controlled Substance Act Title II, P.L. 91-513
     A.   "Controlled Substances" are those controlled substances 
          as stated in Utah State Law 58-37-2,3,4 and the Federal 
          Controlled Substance Act Title II, P.L. 91-513 as is 
          amended from time to time.
     All college purchases must be made by authorized Purchasing
     Department personnel.  Orders placed by faculty and staff 
     members directly with vendors will not be recognized as 
     college obligations and will be referred to the individual 
     who placed the order for payment.
     The Purchasing Department is forbidden from making personal
     purchases for any employee.
     The use of college funds to acquire supplies or services for
     personal use is prohibited.
     Alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances may not 
     be acquired with college funds.
     A.   Acquisitions that Require Special Approvals
          1.   Repairs to personal property (except automotive 
               equipment) damaged while its owner is engaged in 
               college business may not be procured unless the 
               requisition bears the authorizing signature of 
               the appropriate Dean, Director, or Vice President.
          2.   Organization or association memberships may be 
               procured only if the requisition is signed by the 
               requesting person and countersigned by his/her 
               immediate supervisor, dean and Assistant to the 
          3.   Material for remodeling or renovation of buildings
               (including carpeting) will be initiated by the 
               Director of Facilities.
          4.   Coin-operated vending equipment including stamp-
               dispensing machines, food and beverage dispensers, 
               etc., will be initiated by the College Center 
               Director.  All vending machines and vending 
               operations on campus, including jobbers who may 
               be permitted in order areas will be reviewed 
               at least semi-annually at the discretion of the
               Vice President for Administration.
     B.   Acquisition of Government Property
          1.   Surplus College Property
               a.   Surplus college property is available through 
                    the Property Control Office.
               b.   Information regarding the availability of 
                    surplus college property may be obtained from 
                    the Property Control Office.
          2.   Property available through Utah State Agency for 
               Surplus Property (USASP).
               a.   USASP property is available to any college 
               b.   Property may be inspected at the USASP facility 
                    in Salt Lake City.
               c.   All property selected by authorized representatives
                    will be picked up by a designated person.
               d.   A standard requisition form is required for the
                    selected items.
          3.   Excess Federal Property
               a.   Excess federal government property may be available
                    at little or no cost other than transportation
                    charges.  A standard requisition is required to pay
                    transportation costs.
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