Policies and Procedures

Materials Distribution Center (MDC)

Chapter:                      2
Section:                      10.08
Computer Index Code:          C2S10.08
Origination Date:             5/22/84
Inst. Council Approval Date:  10/10/84
Subject:  Chapter  2      BUSINESS--VP FOR BUSINESS
     To outline the M.D.C. responsibility for warehousing 
     instructional and operational supply items for all departments.
     Policy and Procedure 9.1 Requisition Preparation and Processing
     Policy and Procedure 10.0 Shipping and Receiving
     The M.D.C. has the responsibility for warehousing instructional 
     and operational supply items for all departments and to have 
     these items readily available for their use.  A supply list 
     will be maintained for all departments.  The yearly update of 
     the supply list will continue to provide an opportunity for 
     review and change.  It is understood that any item with marginal 
     or zero usage will be declared obsolete by the administration 
     and will be drawn off by the responsible department prior to 
     the fiscal year end. 
     Supplies will be stored and issued from the M.D.C.; however, 
     in certain cases, due to the nature of the material, the stock 
     will be ordered as needed and issued to the department.  These 
     items will be indicated by the asterisk (*) on the supply list.  
     Authorized personnel may draw supplies which are included on 
     the approved list as they are needed with a completed Requisition 
     (Policy and Procedure 9.1 Requisition Preparation and Processing).
     A.   Supply Lists
          Each item included on the supply list will meet the 
          following qualifications:
         1.    Descriptions and estimated yearly usage figures are 
               to be determined by the using department.  Nomen-
               clature used in listing items must be precise and
               complete.  All items will be listed alphabetically 
               in nomenclature order giving a suggested source of 
          2.   It is expected that the department requesting a 
               specific item unique to that program will have 
               researched the usefulness and stability of the 
               product to the intended program.  It shall have 
               been tried and proven acceptable.
          3.   It shall be needed regularly - not at isolated 
          4.   It shall be justifiable in terms of economical 
          5.   It shall meet accepted safety standards of industry.
     B.   Revisions of Supply Lists
          It is recognized that changes in programs, methods of 
          teaching as well as personnel have a bearing on the 
          lasting usefulness and value of existing supply items 
          and replacements need to be made.
     C.   Additions and Changes
          1.   The person requesting the addition or change will 
               submit a typewritten memorandum to his supervisor 
               listing the changes.
          2.   All items will be listed alphabetically in nomen-
               clature order giving a suggested source of supply.  
               Description of items will be sufficiently complete 
               to enable the purchasing department to proceed with 
               the purchase or to order delivery in a contract 
               without requesting supplemental information.
          3.   Common-use items will be described by their popular 
               names, supplemented by number, size, style or other 
               identifying data.
          4.   When requesting purchase of a specialized item, care 
               must be exercised to avoid using a "closed description 
               or specification which describes the product of one 
               manufacturer and inhibits competition.
          5.   Nomenclature of additions must be checked and 
               verified with the purchasing agent.
          6.   The memorandum will then be forwarded to the 
               supervisor for approval.  The supervisor will advise 
               those concerned by memorandum of the action taken.  
               If the request is approved, the new lists will be 
               duplicated and distributed.  No revisions will be 
               considered after April 15 of each year.
     D.   Deletions from Supply Lists
          1.   As soon as the using department identifies an 
               obsolete item the M.D.C. will be notified that 
               a change will be made and then the department 
               will submit a requisition to draw off all 
               remaining obsolete items of that specific
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