Policies and Procedures

Official Forms

Chapter:                      2
Section:                      10.09
Computer Index Code:          C2S10.09
Origination Date:             5/22/84
Inst. Council Approval Date:  10/10/84
Subject:  Chapter  2      BUSINESS--VP FOR BUSINESS
          Section  10.09  OFFICIAL FORMS
     To outline the procedures for Official Forms use and 
     control at Salt Lake Community College.
     "Official Forms" means a form used beyond the confines of an
     individual department and identified by a number assigned by 
     the Purchasing Department.
     A roster of the Official Forms used by the College that have a
     college-wide application is kept and updated by the Purchasing
     Department.  These forms will be stored and maintained in the
     Materials Distribution Center (M.D.C.), and are listed on the 
     M.D.C. stock list by stock number, form number, and description.  
     Other Official Forms due to their nature and use are stored and 
     maintained by the initiating department.  Any revisions to a 
     form will require that all remaining forms be drawn from the 
     M.D.C. by the initiating department.
     To place a form on the official forms roster the department 
     will submit a completed requisition to cover the cost of the 
     initial order along with the approved form.  M.D.C. will then 
     stock the form and issue it when a requisition is received at 
     no charge until the initial stock is used.  When M.D.C. replaces 
     the initial stock, departments will be charged on their 
     requisitions for the cost of the form.
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