Policies and Procedures

Official Forms

Chapter: 2

Section: 11.01

Computer Index Code: C2S11.01

Origination Date: 5/22/84

Inst. Council Approval Date: 10/10/84



    To outline procedures and responsibilities for the receipt of materials and supplies, and processing of damage and other contractual claims arising from purchasing transactions.


    Policy and Procedure 9.7 Materials Distribution Center (M.D.C.)


    The Materials Distribution Center (M.D.C.) is responsible for the receipt and distribution of all materials ordered for the College.


    1. After receipt of material and completion of inspection, the M.D.C. will release items to the appropriate departments and obtain a signature on the receiving record. Form 10A.1 Receiving Record is used when partial orders are received from suppliers. This record will be utilized in processing payment and order finalization without further contact with the department.

      The M.D.C. will inspect for obvious damage, irregularities, or discrepancies. The requisitioning department is responsible for notifying the purchasing office or M.D.C. immediately of further damages, irregularities or discrepancies. This notification should include the following information:

      1. Vendor's name and purchase order number.
      2. Date received.
      3. Item or items damaged and condition.
      4. Condition of shipping container upon receipt.
    2. All damaged materials should be preserved in their original state and shipping containers until instructions for disposal are issued by the purchasing office. This is very important because in most cases before a claim can be filed, an inspection by the carrier is made of the packaging and shipping material as well as the damaged merchandise. It is the responsibility of the purchasing office to determine the liability for damaged materials and to arrange for filing claims as well as to initiate the request for replacement shipments.
    3. Any request for additional information sent to the department, i.e., delivery tickets, invoices, etc., should be returned immediately since cash discounts may be obtained and departments receive the benefit of any such discounts. Invoices may be utilized for delivery verification in cases when deliveries have been made directly by the vendor.
    4. Notification should be made to the purchasing office when material is received which is not ordered, is defective, or in any way not acceptable. The purchasing office will arrange for the return and exchange of the material.
    5. Any material to be returned to a vendor must be cleared through the purchasing office to assure the appropriate account is credited with the return. Departments may return items to the M.D.C. or request pickup. The purchase order number must be noted on all such returns.
    6. Before the M.D.C. returns any material to the vendor, a merchandise return receipt will be completed in triplicate. One copy returned with the merchandise, one copy is forwarded to the purchasing office, and one copy is retained in the M.D.C.
    7. The M.D.C. has limited facilities available for packing and shipping of outgoing materials. Questions concerning the handling of such outgoing shipments should be directed to the M.D.C.

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