Policies and Procedures


Chapter:                      2
Section:                      11.02
Computer Index Code:          C2S11.02
Origination Date:             5/22/84
Inst. Council Approval Date:  10/10/84
Subject:  Chapter  2      BUSINESS--VP FOR BUSINESS
          Section  11.02  COURIER
     To outline procedures and responsibilities for the 
     Purchasing Courier.
     The courier service has been established to facilitate 
     communication and delivery of supply and equipment items 
     to all inter-campus locations as well as to specific areas 
     on the main campus.  The courier function is an extension 
     of the Purchasing Office and is scheduled and controlled 
     from that office to provide service to the College.
     A.   Delivery and Pickups
          1.   Supply deliveries are made to all departments at 
               the main campus on a regular schedule including 
               fourth class mail.
          2.   Deliveries are made to the Campus annexes each 
               afternoon.  Any other deliveries or pickups off 
               the main campus are also made at this time.  The 
               Courier service departs from the main campus 
               each afternoon at 1:30 p.m.  Departments needing 
               an off campus delivery or pickup should notify the
               Purchasing Agent who schedules the courier run each 
               day.  When arrangements have been made with the 
               Purchasing Agent for a courier delivery then those 
               items should be delivered to the M.D.C. by the 
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