Policies and Procedures

Solicitation of Gifts

Chapter:                           1
Section:                           2.01
Computer Index Code:               C1S02.01
Origination Date:                  5/17/85
Inst. Council Approval Date:       12/11/85
          Section  2.01        SOLICITATION OF GIFTS
     To outline the procedure for the solicitation and valuation of gifts and
     contributions to Salt Lake Community College.
     A.   The primary responsibility of Salt Lake Community College Development
          Office is to obtain private and public financial support for the
          benefit of the College.
     B.   Other employees of the College are also encouraged to obtain gifts or
          contributions for their specific schools or departments within the
          However, in order to assure that both the donor and the College are
          operating within the framework of the Internal Revenue Code as well
          as Federal and State laws and College policy, all College fund
          raising contacts, projects, or activities, including donated
          scholarships, and grant and foundation requests, are to be coordinated
          through, and approved in advance by, the College Development
          This not only will help to keep the College within Federal and State
          guidelines, but also will eliminate uncoordinated contacts by College
          representatives to the same potential donors.
     C.   Federal regulations and rulings have placed non-profit organizations
          and their contributors under increased Internal Revenue scrutiny. As
          a result, representatives of the College will not establish a value
          for gifts-in-kind, either verbally or in writing.
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