Facilities Services


To describe the Facilities Services functions and responsibilities and define services available to college departments and divisions.

The college Facilities Services department will provide facilities that support and enhance the learning process and comply with applicable federal, state and local building, fire, and life safety codes and regulations.

Facilities Services Mission Statement

Facilities Services personnel shall support administration, faculty, staff and students in providing facilities that enhance the learning process and comply to applicable state and federal buildings, fire, life safety, and college codes.

Facilities services personnel are committed to provide an atmosphere that allows our students, faculty, staff and visitors to meet their highest expectations. Facilities services personnel are dedicated to making a positive contribution by operating and maintaining the college properties, facilities and equipment in a condition equal to or better than the original quality provided.

By assisting in a professional and courteous manner and by making service a top priority, facilities services personnel will strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and attractive environment for all.



    1. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Services: These services consist of legislatively funded work performed to maintain the college campus. This includes maintenance of campus grounds, utility systems, buildings, and permanent fixtures or equipment designated as part of a building, but excludes maintenance and repair of departmental equipment. Operations and maintenance services are provided on a no charge basis (with the exception of the Miller campus).
    2. Department Funded Services: These services include the maintenance and repair of departmental equipment, use of motor pool vehicles, fabrication services, and special event setups. Departments requesting services are billed on a cost or firm bid basis. These services are considered to be outside of the scope of state funded O&M activities.
    3. Departmental Equipment: Departmental equipment is defined as equipment acquired with departmental funds and not vital to the operation of a building or structure. Equipment in this category includes portable air conditioners and coolers, typewriters, computers, copy machines, special laboratory equipment, etc. Departments are fiscally responsible for connection to college utility systems.
    4. Emergency: An unforeseen combination of circumstances that requires immediate action that may cause injury or loss to body or limb, physical property, or stoppage of an instructional program.
    5. Remodel: The alteration of a college owned or leased structure or any of the components.
    6. Physical Plant: Includes all buildings, structures, appurtenances, paving, utilities, grounds, improvements, and land.
    7. Attachment to College Facilities: Attachment includes any type of mechanical fastener, permanent tape, or adhesive. Attachment also includes a permanent connection to any college owned utility.
    1. All modifications, remodeling, or attachment to the college facilities shall be approved, in advance, by Facilities Services.
    2. Departments permanently or temporarily attaching items to the facilities and then removing them shall be responsible for the resulting damage and shall be billed for repair. A change or modification of a college owned or leased facility requires approval as outlined in Section IV.D.2.
    3. Facilities Services is responsible for all maintenance services for all college buildings and grounds, e.g.:
      1. maintain HVAC systems;
      2. provide normal repair and painting of walls and inner structure;
      3. maintain exterior walls, roofs, keys, signs, furniture, and cabinets;
      4. maintain exterior walks, grounds, roads, and parking lots;
      5. maintain the motor pool (as outlined in the Motor Vehicle Policy);
      6. provide custodial services and occasional moving of furniture;
      7. provide signing of departments, buildings, and parking lots;
      8. provide and maintain all electrical, culinary, primary and secondary distribution systems as provided in the original construction of the building or through an approved remodel to the point of exit from the structure or duct system; and
      9. approve, inspect, and facilitate new construction and the remodeling process.
    4. Services provided by Facilities Services for other departments are titled department funded services. These services are requested and paid for by the requesting department and coordinated through the budget center manager.
      1. Service Orders
        1. The vehicle through which work is accomplished for departments is the Service Order System (work order).
        2. If a requesting department needs service rendered, a request will be made through deans and directors to Facilities Services and a service order will be generated.
        3. Facilities Services personnel or an outside contractor will be assigned the task for completion.
        4. The cost of material, labor and overhead will be borne by the requesting department.
      2. Remodeling Request

If a project modifies the existing building or structure, or involves construction of a new structure, then a remodeling request must be submitted through channels (i.e. dean, director) to the director of Planning and Design and the appropriate vice president where it will be evaluated with other remodeling requests with the associate vice president of Facilities and be prioritized and scheduled for completion in accordance with workload and budget parameters.

        1. If a department needs assistance in preparing an estimate of costs, this service can be provided free of charge by Facilities Services.
        2. Remodeling costs will be fiscally coded and charged to the departments requesting the remodel.
  • Emergency Requests

Any situation that is an emergency shall be reported to Facilities Services for resolution.

    1. Service Charges

Where appropriate, charges to departments as initiated on the service order shall include labor, cost of material plus an approved rate for miscellaneous parts, screws and hardware. Minimum service is $15.00.

    1. Other
      1. Only authorized personnel are permitted on roofs. Permission may be obtained from Facilities Services or, in case of emergency, police services officials.
      2. All departments and/or contractors requiring utility line connections (electrical, water, gas, sewer, etc.) shall obtain a Utilities Connection Permit from Facilities Services.
      3. The permit shall be obtained at least 72 hours before the connection is to be made. The connections will be inspected and approved by Facilities Services.

Date of last cabinet review: September 25, 2003

The originator of this policy & procedure is Facilities Services. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4101.