Community Engagement Leave


    Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is committed to partnering with and helping strengthen the communities in which we work and live. Service to and involvement in the community is part of our mission and values. Such activities also enhance the college's reputation and aid in recruiting students and staff. Consequently, we encourage SLCC employees to become engaged in their communities, lending their voluntary support to programs that enrich the quality of life and opportunities for all citizens.

    The following procedures are for SLCC employees who serve as volunteers in vetted community partner programs.




    See Human Resources Definitions.

    1. Amount/Availability of Leave
      1. A maximum of 24 hours of paid leave per fiscal year will be made available to current, full-time employees on July 1 of each year for use through June 30 of that year.
      2. Community engagement leave should be taken in no less than one hour increments.
      3. Unused leave does not carry over into the next year.
    2. Use of Leave
      1. Paid community engagement leave is not granted for days that employees are not scheduled to work.
      2. Leave under this policy may be used only for providing service as outlined below.
    3. Eligible Community Engagement Activities
      1. Employees may be granted paid leave under this policy to provide hands-on, voluntary service to their communities.
      2. The service must be with an approved community partner organization that has signed a Community Partnership Agreement with SLCC.
      3. A list of the approved community partner organizations is available on the Thayne Center website.
      4. Excluded from this policy is service provided as a part of membership in certain organizations such as a religious organization or a fraternal lodge; service for the purpose of proselytizing; service for a partisan organization such as a political party; and/or service for compensation, including service which is a part of your employment.
      5. However, some service provided to these organizations may qualify if provided through an approved community partner.
      6. Attendance of social events, rallies, and fundraisers for community organizations does not qualify under the procedure.
      7. State/college owned property/supplies will not be used for engagement leave activities.
    4. Approval of Leave
      1. Employees must submit a written request and receive approval from their supervisor prior to using community engagement leave.
      2. Employees should schedule leave at times which will not interfere with the efficiency of the department.
      3. Supervisors should attempt to approve leave at the time requested by the employees, but have the discretion to disapprove the leave if it will impact SLCC operations.
      4. If the supervisor approves the leave request, the employee arranges their service directly with the approved community partner.
      5. The employee will then fill out the Community Service Leave Time Verification Form, have the agency sign the form where the service is being performed, and then return the form to their supervisor.
    5. Reporting Leave Time
      1. Employees will report leave time on their time sheet through Banner during the time period it was taken. Time that is mistakenly used above the 24 hour allocation will be charged to vacation leave or unpaid leave as appropriate.
      2. Supervisors are responsible for approving an employee’s submitted leave time through Banner after they have received the verification form.
      3. Community engagement leave is not paid out at time of termination or used to extend a termination date.
      4. Leave time taken under this policy will not be included in the calculation of weekly hours for overtime for non-exempt staff.
      5. Employees will not be entitled to any reimbursement for travel, lodging, meals, and other trip-related expenses.
      6. The college’s workers’ compensation insurance does not cover accidents that occur during community engagement leave. The approved community partner is required to carry their own liability insurance.

Date of last cabinet review: October 18, 2016

The originator of this policy & procedure is Human Resources. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4210.