Consensual Relations

    • To outline the policy of Salt Lake Community College regarding romantic or sexual relationships between employee and student or supervisor and employee. This is to enhance a positive academic and work environment.

    • Salt Lake Community College actively discourages consenting romantic and sexual relationships between employee and student, or supervisor and employee. Such relationships are very unwise and all employees are advised to avoid them. Even when both parties have consented to the development of such relationships, serious questions are raised about the validity of the consent, conflict of interest, and unfair treatment of others.

    • Anyone who enters into a romantic or sexual relationship, when a professional power differential exists, must realize that if a charge of sexual harassment is subsequently lodged it will be exceedingly difficult to sustain a defense on the grounds of mutual consent. (Utah law may preclude the college from defending and indemnifying an employee in such circumstances.) Supervisors or other college employees who engage in such consensual relationships and do not take steps to resolve the conflict of interest may be subject to the filing of a complaint and may be subject to discipline.
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Date of last cabinet review: March 6, 1996

The originator of this policy & procedure is Human Resources. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4210.