President's Committee on Inclusivity and Equity

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President’s Inclusivity and Equity Awards

The President's Committee on Inclusivity and Equity has been established on the following tenets:

  1. SLCC's mission to provide quality higher education and lifelong learning to people of diverse cultures, abilities, and ages.
  2. Our commitment to fulfill our mission in a climate conducive to learning, teaching and working.
  3. Our belief that diverse perspectives, life experiences, and cultures fundamentally enrich the learning environment.
  4. Our imperative to close achievement gaps among students of color.
  5. Our role as a community college to reflect, promote, and serve our diverse communities.

This committee is charged to:

  • Strengthen the sense of inclusivity on campus by consistently reviewing, analyzing and recommending policies and practices to address noted gaps;
  • Review structural employee ethnic, racial, and gender diversity on campus to work toward mirroring Salt Lake County demographics;
  • Review and recommend revisions to policies, procedures and practices when necessary to ensure inclusive and welcoming physical and learning environments are in place;
  • Advise Cabinet semiannually on issues, recommendations, or benchmarks;
  • Conduct biannual climate surveys and associated town hall meetings to strengthen understanding of experiences; and
  • Provide an annual report to the Cabinet and College community summarizing efforts and accomplishments.

Membership (21 Members Plus Chair)

Chair Roderic Land
Academic Dean Representative Richard Scott
Associate Dean Representative Barbie Willett
Faculty Senate President Adam Dastrup
Faculty members (3) Wijitha Bandara,
Andrea Malouf,
Stephen Weaver
Multicultural and Diversity Center Shellie Enscoe
Business Services Representative Darren Marshall
Human Resources Representative James Broadbent
Institutional Research Representative Jason Whittle
Facilities Representative
/ Interior Design
Susan Valentine
Institutional Marketing Representative Enrique Soto
TRiO Representative Gregory Roberts
Disability Resource Center Director Jodi Kinner
Staff Association President David Brower
Staff Development Anjali Pai
Students at Large (4) Aynoa Rincon
(SLCCSA President),

(Special Assistant to the SLCCSA President for Inclusivity and Equity),

(Multicultural Student Council Representative),

Leone Tunuufi
(SLCCSA VP for Clubs and Organizations)
Members at Large (2) Jennifer Seltzer Stitt,
Diverse Faculty Fellows (3) Javier Campos,
Whitney Harris,
James Singer
Administrative Support Vacant

Term of Office: One year, with possible renewal