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President's Office

President's Messages

2014 Messages

9-2-14 Convocation, enrollment, accreditation draft, committees/councils, happenings this fall
8-19-14 Joyful, thanks
8-14-14 Enrollment, Convocation, Saints to Sinners Bike Relay, Parade of Homes, student leadership conference, Office of Sponsored Projects, colleagues.
7-22-14 SLCC Spirit Band Days of '47, lower enrollments, three events, Parade of Homes
7-10-14 Interim Provost of Academic Affairs
7-3-14 Goldman Sachs 10KSB graduation, CWC/Utah Arts Festival, longboard/EDCUtah, 2015 Capital Facilities request
7-3-14 Provost of Academic Affairs resignation
6-11-14 Summer Fun BBQs, AAWCC LEADERS Institute, USU Community Partnership award, SLCC Truck Driving-Utah Food Bank partnership, safety and security training, Rings
5-21-14 Summer semester, Beautification Day, Mayor Becker's Skyline Challenge, community leaders luncheon, Barbecue Series
5-13-14 Commencement
5-1-14 Informed Budget Process final results, Employee Recognition event
4-22-14 Gratitude, happenings and events, Administration Building tear-down
4-2-14 Recent events, compensation increase, 2014-15 College-wide standing committees and councils, benefits fair, theatre
3-21-14 Legislative Session, Highland Center closure, program moves, institutional residence, events
3-14-14 Legislative Session
2-21-14 National Cohort, Club Resonance Open Mic, SLCC in the Olympics, VP Challenge
2-5-14 Presidential Search Community Input Meetings, institutional residence, CAM art gallery, MLK Jr., events, inclusivity
1-17-14 Interim President Spring Semester Welcome

2013 Messages

12-10-13 Thank You and Happy Holidays
11-02-13 SLCC Strategic Priority Councils
11-07-13 Center for Arts and Media, Art Show, Professional Development Day
10-18-13 Informed Budget Process, SLCC Culinary Arts Program, Sustainability Committee
9-17-13 Gail Miller Leadership Cup. New IAB. Center for Arts and Media. Women's Volleyball Game
8-28-13 New academic year, standing committees, women’s volleyball
7-26-13 Pioneer Days, Norma Carr, Dennis Bromley, Convocation
6-19-13 Alpha Chi Eta 1 Star Chapter
6-10-13 Summer Term, Science, Math, & Engineering Symposium
5-06-13 Commencement, Employee Recognition
3-15-13 Legislative Session, Health Insurance Funding, Informed Budget Process
3-07-13 Men's Basketball Region 18 Champions, Universal Access survey, Budget
2-26-13 Professional Development Day, Capitol Hill, Innovation of the Year
1-10-13 Rescheduling Professional Development Day, Awards 

2012 Messages

12-20-12 Holiday Message
11-21-12 Thanksgiving Message
10-22-12 Political Awareness, Conversation on Inclusiveness, Real Salt Lake game
9-21-12 Congratulations Biotechnology, Congratulations Norma Carr, Dean John McCormick, President's Leadership Institute
8-29-12 Fall Semester
8-17-12 New Academic Year
7-16-12 Most Valuable Recycling Program, L3Manufacturing University, South City - Taylorsville Redwood Shuttle
6-15-12 SLCC is named #3 in the country again
5-21-12 Women’s Softball National Championship, twitter 
5-03-12 Commencement, Summer Term, SLCC Blog
3-30-12 Spring Break, Cosmetology program
2-27-12 Legislative Session, Leadership Institute
2-03-12 Spring Semester, Legislative Session 

2011 Messages

12-09-11 Awards, Legislative Training, holiday celebrations
11-07-11 SLCC Veteran's Service, Procedures Revision
10-03-11   Student NASA award, President's Leadership Institute
9-15-11   Fall Semester
8-15-11   Enrollment, Expansion, Community Garden
   Days of 47 Celebration, Convocation. 2011-12 Standing Committees and Purpose
6-29-11   The Passing of Drusilla "D" Glascoe
5-06-11   Commencement, New Year Budget
4-26-11    Culmination of Academic Year
3-31-11     Health Insurance Reimbursement
3-11-11     Legislative Session
2-18-11      Legislative Session
1-10-11      First Day of Spring

2010 Messages

1-16-10      State Board of Regents visit
2-12-10     Spring Semester
3-12-10      Budget update
4-29-10      Budget update
5-13-10     Commencement
6-19-10     Growing the College
7-08-10     College Committees
7-14-10     Finalist: Dr. Picard
8-03-10     Welcome Dr. Picard
8-30-10     President’s Leadership Institute
9-24-10     The College Participates in Leadership
11-15-10  Progress and the College’s Future

2009 Messages

1-15-09      Budget Update
2-02-09      Budget Cuts Presidents Council
2-27-09      Legislative Updates and Early Retirement
3-13-09      Legislative Report
4-28-09      H1N1 Flu Update
5-07-09      Commencement Organizational Realignment
6-12-09      Digital Design Building Merger Instructional Space Committee
6-26-09      Standing Committees Invitation
7-29-09      Enrollment Growth
8-27-09      2009-10 Standing Committees College wide
9-09-09      National Science Foundation award: Biotechnology;
                    Marianne McKnight wins Exemplary Course Program
9-18-09      National Science Foundation award to Biotechnology 
9-28-09      President’s Leadership Institute 
11-29-09    Fall Message
12-11-09    Higher Education budget cut

2008 Messages

2-8-08 Third week enrollment, Legislative Session, Thayne Center recognition
2-15-08 SLCC Safety update
2-25-08 President's Art Show, 2008 legislative update, Taylorsville Redwood campus name change
3-6-08 Legislative recap
3-24-08 Men's basketball NJCAA 2nd place, Early Childhood program recognition, Jordan campus traffic safety, Honorary Doctorate recipients
4-11-08 Anniversary celebration
5-8-08 Commencement, Softball coach, pitcher, player of the year awards
5-15-08 our global community
6-23-08 Summer enrollment pool closure
7-28-08 Water damage new trustees
8-15-08 Web changes, Taylorsville Redwood signs
8-29-08 Staff open forums new workforce VP
9-20-08 Potential budget cuts fall orientation
10-17-08 Digital design, building strategic planning
11-18-08 Budget cuts options
12-18-08 Pathways to education, economic recovery

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