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Aviation/Professional Pilot Program Discontinuation

General Information

  • Due to financial constraints and other considerations, Salt Lake Community College will recommend to the Board of Trustees that the Professional Pilot Associate Degree and Certificate programs be discontinued, effective Summer 2017. Pending Board of Trustees approval, the discontinued programs include: Aerospace and Aviation Technology; Professional Pilot; Aviation Business Operations; and Commercial Pilot.
  • Affected students, staff and faculty members are being notified about the impending discontinuation of these programs and the teach out plans to assist remaining program students to complete SLCC Professional Pilot certificates beginning in the summer of 2017.
  • The College is encouraging all affected students to continue their education and training during the 2-year teach out period. SLCC will make a concerted effort to keep students well informed of completion options during the teach out period.

Program Discontinuation Rationale

  • High Cost vs Earning Potential/ROI: Students investing their time and money in SLCC flight programs are, upon completion, are qualified at best for lower paying entry-level flight instructor and pilot jobs.
  • Current Program Resources: SLCC degrees and certificates in the affected aviation-related areas don’t give students direct access to more comprehensive equipment and flight time needed to certify for major commercial airlines.
  • Market Demand and Program Competitiveness: Programs offered at other Utah higher education institutions can provide students ready access to the more desirable aviation job offers upon completion. These programs own their own planes, offer baccalaureate degrees and provide more opportunities for students to acquire additional flight time necessary for employment with regional and major airlines upon baccalaureate graduation.
  • Flight Instructional Support and Costs: Unlike other higher education flight programs in Utah, SLCC does not own airplanes. This severely limits SLCC flexibility in managing student flight labs and associated costs.
  • Program Enrollment Trends: Institutional data indicate that SLCC Professional Pilot program students frequently transfer to other Utah institutions well before completing SLCC program requirements. This lack of retention in the Professional Pilot program at SLCC renders it unsustainable as an operational model.
  • Strategic Planning: Discontinuing the Professional Pilot program at SLCC will allow the College to focus finite resources on enhancement to its existing Aviation Maintenance program and to develop productive workforce partnerships with institutions and industry to more effectively advance our mission as a comprehensive community college.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to financial constraints and other considerations, SLCC has found it necessary to recommend to the Board of Trustees discontinuation the Professional Pilot Associate Degree and Certificate programs, effective Summer 2017.

Program discontinuation means that a program of study (Associates degree and/or Certificate of Completion) at SLCC will no longer be offered to new students. Students currently enrolled in Professional Pilot fixed wing programs will be allowed an opportunity to complete their degree or certificate at SLCC within 2 years following official closure according to a teach out plan.

When a SLCC program of study is discontinued, SLCC is required to develop a teach out plan. This plan consists of sequence of program courses that will be offered for 2 calendar years after program closure. The schedule is designed to allow students who declared majors prior to program discontinuation reasonable opportunities to complete their degree and/or certificate requirements.

Aerospace/Aviation Technology (AS)
Aerospace/Aviation Technology – Professional Pilot, Fixed Wing (AAS)
Aerospace/Aviation Technology – Professional Pilot, Rotor Wing (AAS)
Aviation Business Operations — Fixed Wing (Certificate of Completion)
Aviation Business Operations – Rotor Wing (Certificate of Completion)
Commercial Fixed Wing (Certificate of Completion)
Commercial Rotor Wing (Certificate of Completion)

Essential Professional Pilot flight lab courses will be available during Summer 2017 and Summer 2018. Other program courses may be available during summer terms based upon demand and instructor availability.

Professional Pilot majors who continue during the teach out period are eligible for Financial Aid according to SLCC policies and procedures which can be found at

Please contact a SLCC Academic Advisor to determine your options. The Aviation Professional Pilot academic advisor is:
Samuel Curley (801) 957-4550

Completed credits will become part of the student’s official SLCC transcript.

Please contact the SLCC Academic Advising Office to determine your options. Information for Academic and Career Advising may be found at

Students who complete all SLCC program degree or certificate requirements will receive a SLCC degree. Information about transfer may be found at

Utah Valley University and Southern Utah University offer Associate and degrees in Aviation/Professional Pilot as well as transfer pathways to related bachelors degrees. Utah State University and Westminster College offer bachelors degrees in aviation.

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