Professional Pilot

Salt Lake Community College has offered the Pilot program since 1992 and prepares students for a successful and exciting career in the aerospace industry. The program includes classroom academics, simulator training, and inflight instruction.

All academic and flight training is certified under the Federal Aviation Administration FAR's Part 141 standards. Graduates of SLCC’s Aerospace/Aviation Pilot program are well prepared for successful and exciting careers in the aerospace industry. SLCC also caters to future pilots who may not be seeking a degree.

There are a few flight degrees available within Aerospace/Aviation Technology Department. These degrees include an Associate of Science in Aerospace/Aviation Technology with four different tracks (Fixed‐Wing, Rotor‐Wing, Aviation Administration, or Dispatch Track), Associate of Applied Science degrees (Fixed‐Wing and Rotor‐Wing) and Certificates of Completion (Fixed‐Wing and Rotor‐Wing).


Westpointe Center
Room 120
Phone: 801-957-2140

Gillette Samms
Associate Dean
Westpointe Center
Room 124
Phone: 801-957-2141

Fiona Silcox
Associate Professor
Westpointe Center
Room 132
Phone: 801-957-2144

Erwin Zundel
Assistant Professor
Westpointe Center
Room 130
Phone: 801-957-2142

Brett Terpstra
Westpointe Center
Room 133
Phone: 801-957-2154

Samual Curley
Academic Advisor
Construction Trades Building
Room 249
Phone: 801-957-4550