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Citizen Firearms/ Concealed Carry Weapons

The Citizen Firearms/ Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit course is $200.00. This 16 hours of training teaches you current, safe and effective handgun skills to become proficient in home and self-defense. Learn to protect yourself and the ones you love.The need for additional training and advanced skills is increasing. Many CCW classes in the state fail to teach you the physical skills to shoot accurately. We make sure you are well prepared to handle and carry your weapon. The instructors are Utah State Certified CCW and law enforcement firearms instructors. By using law enforcement instructors we assure our tactics are current and safe.

We are offering advanced citizen firearms training to build on the basic class. As part of the class we will also complete the requirements and application for a Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit for the State of Utah.

All students must pay for the class the day they register, and all registrations must be completed one week before the class begins. When registering please provide the name and caliber of gun you will be bringing to the range, you will also need to bring a holster for it, a sturdy belt, a ball cap, eye and ear protection. (Semi-automatics are recommended) (Jennings and High-Point are not allowed).



 Firearms Safety 2 hrs
 Weapons Handling 1 hr
Equipment and placement
     Draw stroke
 Marksmanship 1 hr
     Sight alignment and sight picture
     Trigger squeeze
 Shooting Range 4 hrs
     Draw stroke
     Sight in
     Ball and dummy drills (check for trigger jerk)
     Teach and practice malfunction drills
     Practice shooting the qualification
 Dry Fire Assignments

 Care and Cleaning 2 hrs
     Safety rules and discussion
 Use of Force and Laws Covering CCW 2 hrs
 Shooting Range 4 hrs
     Practice draw stroke
     Ball and dummy drills
     Practice malfunction drills
     Qualification course
     Work with problem shooters

Program Resources

To register for the next available class please call (801) 957-5200, or register in person at the Larry H. Miller Campus located at 9750 South 300 West, Miller Professional Development Center room #110. Additional information please call (801) 957-5278, or (801) 957-5320.

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Citizen Firearms Application
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