Drop or Withdraw Class

Check the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines to drop or withdraw from courses.

To Drop or Withdraw from a registered course follow the steps below or select this detailed Tutorial.

  • Log in to MySLCC and select Registration.
  • Select Add/Drop Classes.
  • Select the semester (term) from the pull-down menu and click Submit, and Add/Drop Classes appears.
  • In your Current Schedule, under the Action pull-down menu, select either Drop/Web or Withdraw/Web, depending on the action you want.
  • Click Submit Changes and the course will disappear from your Current Schedule.


Classes may be dropped until the published drop deadline. See published drop deadlines in the Academic Calendar. Students dropping classes by the published deadline will receive a refund or adjustment of tuition. Dropped classes do not show on the student's transcript.


Students may withdraw from classes within the first 60% of a term. See published deadlines in the Academic Calendar. Withdrawal from class will be shown as a 'W' on the transcript, but are not calculated in the grade point average. No tuition refund or adjustment will be made for withdrawals. Exceptions to the withdrawal policy may be made under extenuating circumstances. Please see Registration Appeals for more information.

Failure to Drop/Withdraw

Be sure to drop or withdraw from classes you no longer wish to attend as soon as possible. If you don't drop or withdraw by the deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar, you will pay full tuition and fees for the course.

Administrative Drop for Non-Attendance

Students enrolled in classes of high demand or limited availability may be dropped for non-attendance at the Instructors discretion. Students who receive an Administrative Drop for Non-attendance will receive a tuition refund or adjustment of tuition. See Academic Calendar for specific calendar dates. Students are NOT automatically dropped for non-attendance.