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Office of the Registrar and Academic Records

Drop or Withdraw Class

Check the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines to drop or withdraw from courses.

To Drop or Withdraw from a registered course:

  • Log in to your MySLCC and select the Registration tab.
  • Under Register for Classes Tools in the upper left, click Add or Drop Classes and scroll to the bottom to view your registered classes under Current Schedule.
  • Under Action, select Drop/Web, or Withdraw/Web, from the pull-down menu and click Submit Changes in the lower left. The Status will show that you dropped or withdrew from the class, depending on the action you chose.


You will receive a refund or adjustment of tuition if you Drop classes by the deadline. The class will not show on your permanent record. Exceptions to the Drop policy may be obtained by filing an appeal.


If you withdraw from a class after the third week of the semester, it will show as a "W" on your transcript and will not be calculated in your GPA. No tuition refund or adjustment is made for withdrawals. Exceptions to the withdraw policy may be obtained by filing an appeal.

Failure to Drop/Withdraw

Be sure to drop or withdraw from classes you no longer wish to attend as soon as possible. If you don't drop or withdraw by the deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar, you will have to pay full tuition and fees for the course, and you will receive a failing "E" grade in the course.

Administrative Drop for Non-Attendance

You may be dropped from a class if you don't attend during the first week, and you may be dropped from online classes if you don't log in within the first five days. However, if you want to stay in a class and you cannot attend during the first week, contact your instructor.

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