Students registering for a closed class with a waitlist option will be offered the opportunity to be put on a Waitlist. Prerequisites must be met and class schedules must be free of time conflicts to be eligible for the Waitlist. Students on the Waitlist are not officially registered in the class. Waitlist status may be viewed on the mySLCC Student Portal.

When a registered student drops a seat in a closed class, the first students on the Waitlist will be notified through the SLCC BruinMail. (Caution: If the BruinMail is forwarded to another email account, the waitlist notification may be blocked by your carrier. It is therefore advised to not forward the SLCC BruinMail.) Once notified by email that a seat is available, the waitlisted student has 24 hours to register for the course. If registration is not finalized within the 24-hour period, the waitlisted student is dropped from the Waitlist, and the next waitlisted student is notified by email that a seat is available. Students are offered an open seat based on their waitlist position.

Follow directions below to sign up for a course waitlist, or select this detailed Tutorial.

  1. Log into your MySLCC and select the Registration.
  2. Select Register Classes.
  3. Select the semester (term) from the drop-down menu and click Submit.
  4. Select Add/Drop Classes.
  5. Select term and continue.
  6. Enter course information.
  7. Click on add to add the course into your course summary.
  8. Click the drop-down box under Action and select Waitlisted. Choose Submit.
    • If your waitlisted status is accepted, your summary will reflect the waitlisted status.

Note: You must check your Bruin Mail daily for notification that a seat is available in the course. If you receive an email, you have only 24 hours to register for the course.

If you have questions, please call 801-957-4073.