As of October 1, 2014, Fire Extinguisher Training will no longer be required. Pertinent information regarding the appropriate response to a fire is provided within the OSHA & Emergency Procedures Training course.

"Authentication Failed – Unable to Find Employee Information"

The most common reason for this error is with adjunct employees. Adjuncts are not considered “active” employees until their contracts are signed and processed. Until that time, they will be able to register for training and view the material, but will not be able to login to the completion forms or quizzes. Payroll is responsible for processing the contracts and can be contacted regarding a timeframe for the process.

Another reason for this error is that the employee is not entering their username and password correctly. Contact IT to verify that the username and password are correct. If the error is still received, contact us (please provide name, 'S' number, training course(s) in question, and the error received).

"Registration Already Marked as Completed"

You will receive this error if you have already completed the training within the past 30 days. Please check with us to verify that the training has been recorded.

"Registration Expired" or "No Registration on File"

Registrations are good for 30 days from the day of initial registration. If you have a current registration and still receive a login error, please contact us. If you have not yet registered, please follow the below step-by-step instructions on "How to Register for Required Training Courses".

For step by step instructions view the Training Transcripts page.

First, check both BruinMail and Microsoft Outlook email accounts, including spam folders. Second, ensure that you are registered for the training course(s) - step-by-step instructions are provided above on "How to Register for Required Training Courses". If you are registered, you can access the individual training courses by visiting the Required Training Courses page.

You will need to ask your supervisor if your Personnel Action Form (PAF) was sent to Human Resources (HR). You can also call HR to verify the status (801-957-4210). Once you have your employee tab, you can view the Required Training Instructions for Employees pdf for step-by-step instructions on how to register for and complete each training course.