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Contract Review

SLCC Contract Review and Signatory Process

A contract is defined by SLCC policy:

Contract:  A contract is created by law when there is a mutual exchange of promises upon reasonably understandable terms and conditions.  For the purposes of this policy, the term contract is intended to mean a written form of communication.  Many types of documents can constitute a contract, including invoices, purchase orders, grants, agreements, memoranda and letters. 


SLCC Contract Signatory Authority Policy

C1S5.01  Contract Signatory Authority


Contract Review Process

All contracts must be reviewed by the SLCC Legal and Risk offices before they are executed.  For detailed information about policy review and exceptions, see policy C1S5.01 above.  For details on the review process:

Agreement or Contract Review Process

Contract Review Checklist

Contract Routing Cover Sheet

Standard Contract Templates


Contract Signatory Authority

The SLCC Contract Signatory Authority Policy states, in part:

No person is authorized to execute contracts on behalf of the College unless authority to do so has been granted by formal written authorization of the College President.

A master list of all official College designees and their general areas of contractual responsibilities will be kept in the Office of the President, the office of each Vice President and the Provost, the Office of Risk Management and will be made available to the College at large.

        Master List of Authorized Signers of College Contracts and Agreements

 For questions about this process, contact the SLCC Office of Risk Management.