Risk Management

Student Accident Insurance

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Limited student accident insurance is provided when students register and pay fees.  This insurance functions as a secondary provider only.  This does NOT replace other insurance coverages. For more information please contact the Office of EEO/Risk Administration at 801-957-4533 or sarah.stoker@slcc.edu.

Which students qualify?

If you are a registered student who has paid tuition and fees, SLCC has purchased limited accident insurance on your behalf.

If you are a student at the College, you may be covered by the student accident insurance policy.  If you already have insurance, this policy would only pay expenses your other insurance does not pay.  If you want to file a claim, you must do so within 90 days from the date you were injured.  Also, you must have received medical treatment for your injury within 30 days of the date you were injured.

You may make a claim if:

  • you are a registered student of SLCC                 
  • you have an accident while attending and/or participating in activities sponsored by SLCC                  
  • you have an accident while traveling directly to or from your home to SLCC

What is covered?

If you have an accident on campus (or on your way directly to or from school) you may be eligible to file a claim.  Click here for a claim form.

If you have any other insurance, please submit a claim to them first.  They will provide your primary insurance coverage.  After the primary insurance has paid, the student accident insurance may pick up unpaid co-pays or deductibles.  For more information please see our brochure.

Maximum Benefits 

Benefit Period           

This policy will only pay   eligible
costs incurred within 365 days from
the date of the covered accident

Accident Medical Expenses      
(within one year of accident)


Accident dental expenses
(per tooth)


Single loss of member
(leg, arm or eye)


Double loss of member
(leg, arm or eye)


Accidental loss of life