COVID-19 Guidance for SLCC Employees

The guidelines and resources below are intended to aid your transition and meet other needs related to the coronavirus pandemic, in accordance with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and county health departments.


Stay home and seek medical attention if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever; coughing; trouble breathing; sore throat; muscle aches and pains; sudden changes in smell or taste; or if you feel unwell.

While on campus:

  • Stay 6 feet from others
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitizer when handwashing is not possible; hand-sanitizing stations are readily available on all campuses
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Do not shake hands
  • Cover coughs or sneezes (e.g., into a tissue, or inside of your elbow)
  • Regularly clean high-touch surfaces (e.g., door handles, counters, light switches, remote controls, restroom surfaces, arms of chairs) in between in-person appointments
  • Shared equipment and workstations should be sanitized after each use
  • Dispose of masks and gloves in trash receptacles, not recycling bins
  • In-person interactions should take place only in groups consisting of 50 or fewer people
  • Wear a face covering, following state requirements

Face coverings are required for everyone on campus.

Cloth face coverings provide a guard against spreading potentially infected droplets to other individuals and discourage people from touching their faces and possibly infecting themselves with unclean hands. SLCC requires all students, employees and visitors to wear face coverings on campus in the following locations:

  • Inside all classrooms, labs and other learning spaces
  • At all on-campus events
  • In all public spaces, including classrooms, hallways, lobbies, break rooms, study areas, restrooms and elevators
  • In all shared work areas and shared vehicles
  • In all private meeting spaces, conference areas, private offices, outdoor venues, hallways, elevators, lobbies, break rooms, study areas and restrooms if 6-foot social distancing is not possible

In employee break rooms, face coverings are not required while eating; however, breaks should be rotated in a way that discourages gatherings.

Face coverings are not required in offices occupied by a single individual or in open areas protected by plexiglass screens. If two or more people are meeting or working in an office or in an open work area, face coverings should be worn by all.

See SLCC's Face Covering Policy for more details.

Face coverings must fit snugly against the side of the face and completely cover the nose and mouth. Disposable face coverings intended for one-time use are also acceptable, as long as the wearer follows the manufacturer's directions.

If you’re considered high risk as determined by the CDC and are asked to return to work, talk with your supervisor about available options. You may also contact SLCC's Leave Coordinator, 801-957-4722.

The college provides COVID related sanitizing supplies for departments. Request COVID related cleaning supplies, refills, or additional safety signage at FixIt.

 Please have only one representative from a department reach out to Fix It for these requests.

Emergency Pay procedures are frequently adjusted due to the changing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, visit emergency pay guidelines.

Employees may annually carry over a maximum of 40 days of vacation, with a grace period to use vacation over that 40-day limit until September 30. This year, the grace period is extended to December 31.

If you have questions, please contact Human Resources at 801-957-4210 or email us at

School sponsored travel is not permitted at this time without vice presidential approval. This restriction will be reconsidered as the situation evolves. For general information regarding travel during this unusual time, check out the CDC's Guidelines.

Return to Work Guides and Resources


Guides provide additional information regarding workplace space, safety, department purchasing, and other return to campus support resources.

Workspace Signage

If you have signage needs for your work areas, the college has a number of signs and placards that can be printed at will.

If you have need for COVID-19 signage or information in a language other than English, please check out Salt Lake County's multi-lingual resources.



View Recorded Training


View Recorded Training


Tuesdays from 9–10 a.m. Check your Outlook schedule for specifics.

To ensure safety of the person mixing and/or spraying the disinfectant and for maximum efficacy, the disinfectant must remain on the surface for 10 minutes. Surface may then be wiped down or left to air dry.

Request Department COVID Related Supplies or Additional Safety Signage