School of Applied Technology

Health Unit Clerk/Coordinator (KHUC)


Certificate of Proficiency - Not Currently Accepting New Students
203 Hours

This program prepares students to work at nursing stations in a hospital or in other medical office situations which deal with patient care records. Students learn to transcribe doctors’ orders using basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and abbreviations. Keyboarding skills, use of the computer, and communication skills are included in the program. Students learn on a computer simulation program to order daily diets, laboratory tests, and other diagnostic tests; order medication; maintain and organize patient charts; and perform non-clinical tasks for patient admissions, transfer, discharge, preoperative and postoperative procedures. Students learn how to maintain the nursing unit supplies; communicate effectively with patients, visitors, and professional health care teams; and operate the nursing unit communications systems (i.e., computer terminal, telephone, intercom, pagers).

Occupations in this Area

For state and national occupation information, visit enter the following O*Net code(s):

  • 43-6013.00 Medical Secretary

Tuition and Fees

  • Application Fee: $40.00
  • Tuition: $426.30
  • Student Fees: $30.45
  • Lab Fees: $10.00
  • Books/Supplies: $242.00

Total Estimated Cost: $708.75
(subject to change without notice)

Financial Aid



Prospective students must have been assessed (TABE) within 90 days prior to enrollment:

  • Vocabulary: 8.0
  • Reading: 9.0
  • Math: 6.5


(Prior to externship if done at IHC)

  • Hepatitis B Series -started
  • MMR or Titer
  • PPD – Tuberculosis (TB) Manitou Test or X-Ray
  • Varicella (Chickenpox), or verification of disease
  • TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) - within past 10 years

Available Class Schedules (Not Currently Accepting New Students)

South City Campus

1575 South State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Most courses are offered between
Mon - Thu 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Externship, as arranged at local hospitals,
may require attendance on Fridays.


  • Drug Screen (SAM-5), prior to externship.
  • Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigations personal criminal background check (BCI). Prior to externship if done at IHC - see instructor.
  • High school diploma or GED required for employment as a Health Unit Coordinator. When applying for a job, a background check and drug test is required by the major employers.
  • Students need a USB Flash Drive for the first day of class.
Required Courses: (203 Clock Hours)



Clock Hours



KAOS 0110

Beginning Keyboarding



KAOS 0170

Computer Concepts



KHUC 0190

Health Unit Coordinating



KHUC 0210

Cooperative Externship



KWRK 0515

Job-Seeking Skills



Additional Program Notes

Although not required for successful completion of the program, students will receive instruction that prepares them to take the National Association of Health Unit Clerk/Coordinators certification test.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Related College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Acquire Substantive Knowledge
  2. Communicate Effectively
  3. Develop Quantitative Literacy
  4. Think Critically and Creatively
  5. Civic Engagement
  6. Work Professionally and Constructively
  7. Develop Computer and Information Literacy

Students will demonstrate how to maintain nursing unit supplies and communicate effectively with patients, visitors and professional health care teams.

1, 2, 6,

Students will demonstrate entry level skills in basic office equipment and software.

1, 7

Course Information

South City Campus
1575 S State Street
Salt Lake City, UT  84115 

General Information

Program Information

Academic Advisor
Liliana Rodriguez


Jeanne Noble
Dee Ann Jensen

Associate Professors
Sally Williams
Vonadean McFarland
Karl Jorgensen

Assistant Professors
Diego Pardo

Juliann Olsen