School of Applied Technology

National Police Officer Selection Test (NPOST)

Cost: $30.00

Written Test

Please fill out the registration form and pay $30.00 at the ID Center on the first floor prior to 5:40 p.m. since the test is proctored at 5:45 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings only. Then proceed to the second floor to SAT Testing in Room 2-153. The test is offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays evenings only, except on Federal, State or College closures/holidays. The test is offered on a walk-in basis, first come first served. Study guide and sample test questions.

Walk-In Basis Test

  • Payment must be done prior to testing in the ID Center (follow the signs that say ID/Information Center).
  • We advise candidates to come to the South City Campus approximately 1 hour before the test or around 4:45 p.m. to secure parking, payment and have plenty of time to locate the SAT Testing Center on the second floor.
  • A parking permit is required on College grounds. Metered parking is available, or you may purchase a $1.00 day pass in the ID Center as well.
  • The test consists of 4 sections: Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Grammar & Report Writing.
  • Section 1 is Mathematics and its 20 minutes long. In this section of the exam you will be provided with situations that require the use of basic arithmetic. You will read each situation and solve the problem. You are not allowed to use a calculator and a scratch paper section is provided in the test booklet.
  • Section 2 is Reading Comprehension and its 25 minutes long. In this section you will read passages relating to police duty and then answer the questions based on the information provided. No prior knowledge of law or law enforcement is needed to answer the questions. Three different types of questions will be asked in this section. They are True/False questions, questions in which you will be asked to choose the correct answer according to the information presented in the passage, and questions in which you will be asked to choose the alternative that best completes the sentence.
  • Section 3 is Grammar and its 15 minutes long. This section of the exam requires you to identify errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling. There are two types of questions in this section. The first type presents incomplete sentences and you are to choose the alternative that best completes the sentence. The second type presents sentences that contain a spelling error and you are to choose the alternative that contains the misspelled word.
  • Section 4 is Report Writing and its 15 minutes long. This section tests your writing skills. You will use the information contained on a sample incident report form to answer questions that follow. All of your answers must contain the correct information and be written in complete sentences. The sentences must be grammatically correct and all words should be correctly spelled.

To obtain a duplicate copy of your NPOST results:

  1. Fill out the Release of Information Form. Release of Information Form
  2. Pay the cashier. Duplicate NPOST results (6 copies): $10.00
  3. Return Release of Information Form with proof of payment.
  4. Information is mailed out. NPOST Duplicate Copy Instructions
  5. If you encounter problems or need further assistance please email us at

Note: Test Information cannot be transmitted via phone, computer, or fax.



South City Campus
1575 South State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
Room 2-153 - 2nd Floor
(Follow the sign that says SAT TESTING)

801-957-3257 (automated information)
801-957-3267 (center)
Fax: 801-997-3332