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The mission of the English as a Second Language (ESL) courses at Salt Lake Community College is to improve students' English language skills which will help them successfully develop personally, professionally and academically at Salt Lake Community College.

ESL Advanced II courses are intended to prepare students for introductory level college courses and carry college credit. ESL Advanced II courses include the following:

  • Listening/Speaking (ESL 1010)
  • Reading/Writing (ESL 1020)

Refinement in the following language areas

  • Conversational skills (ESL 1010, 1030)
  • Pronunciation (ESL 1010, 1060)
  • Grammar (ESL 1020, 1040)
  • Vocabulary (ESL 1010, 1020, 1050)

Improvement in the students’ abilities to engage in the following college classroom activities:

  • Giving oral presentations (ESL 1010, 1030)
  • Taking notes from lectures (ESL 1010)
  • Writing essays (ESL 1020)
  • Reading textbooks (ESL 1020)
  • Discussing course topics (ESL 1010, 1020)

Core Classes

  • ESL 1010 College Listening and Speaking (8 credits)
    Prepares students to participate in college classes.
    Note taking from college lectures, student presentations, are covered.
  • ESL 1020 College Reading/Writing (8 credits)
    Prereq: LOEP>72/TOEFL 133-172/>450.
    Course includes comfort and fluency in writing, academic essays, college textbook reading, and vocabulary building.

Highly Recommended ESL Classes

  • ESL 1030 Conversation (3 credits)
    Prereq: LOEP>72/TOEFL 133-172/>450.
    Helps students improve general English conversation skills through intensive practice.
  • ESL 1040 Grammar (3 credits)
    Prereq: LOEP>72/TOEFL 133-172/>450.
    Provides instruction and practice in the accurate use of English grammar, including verb tenses, articles, word order, sentence connections, adverbials, and prepositions.
  • ESL 1050 Vocabulary (3 credits)
    Prereq: LOEP>72/TOEFL 133-172/>450.
    Encourages students to increase their vocabulary and to accurately use academic and conversational words and idiomatic phrases in speaking and writing.
  • ESL 1060 Pronunciation (3 credits)
    Prereq: LOEP>72/TOEFL 133-172/>450.
    Assist students in improving all levels of pronunciation, including individual sounds, word stress and sentence intonation.
  • ESL 1070 TOEFL Prep (3 credits)
    Prepares student to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language.
  • ESL 1080 Business English for ESL (3 credits)
    Prereq: LOEP>72/TOEFL 133-172/>450.
    Introduces students to the proper use of English in business situations, including job interviews and resume writing.
  • ESL 1090 American Culture & Citizenship (3 credits)
    Prereq: LOEP>72/TOEFL 133-172/>450.
    Provides students with instruction in the culture and history of the United States for general preparation and in preparation for the US citizenship test.
  • ESL 1900 Special Studies - ESL (4 credits)
    Seminars and workshops for students learning English as a Second Language.

Please check with the current class schedule for exact times and locations.


Students wishing to enroll in ESL classes are required to take the SLCC English Placement Test (EPT). Placement into specific ESL courses will be based on EPT results. Students wishing to pursue an associate's degree are required to complete additional math placement testing.

International Students are welcome in our ESL Program.

Please contact International Student Affairs for specific requirements.

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