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School of Applied Technology and Technical Specialties

SAT Challenge Exams

The School of Applied Technology also offers other tests to help community members with employment or to show improved skills to current employers.

SAT Challenge Tests

The School of Applied Technology offers approved challenge tests for those students who have acquired the necessary skills in a particular subject.

Approved Exams:

KAOS 0170 Computer Concepts

  • The exam consists of testing the examinee on the basic functions and programs of a PC (Windows, not a MAC). The test does not include EXCEL or ACCESS.
  • Pass score required: 80 percent or higher required on the two assignments given.
  • Time allotted: 1 hour per assignment. Total time is 2 hours.
  • Cost: $50
  • One time test only

Steps Needed to Take the Challenge Exam:

  1. Fill out the SLCC Admission Application and have Student Number
  2. Visit or call an SAT Advisor to make sure you qualify, exam is needed and that it does not conflict with training plan or financial aid.
  3. Have advisor fill out the SAT Challenge Exam Request form to the testing center (
  4. Call or email the testing center to make an appointment.

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