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What's important to students? What will ensure their success in college?  What questions should they be asking?  The messages you, an advisor or a parent should consider probably include these:

  • The importance of a positive attitude.
  • How students today can't afford not to go to college.
  • How to cut the cost of college.
  • What to consider when selecting a college.
  • How to be successful in college.

Here are some things to think about - and that we can help with:

  • Education - What type and how much education is required for certain careers.

  • Outcomes - The benefits higher education will provide.

  • Focus - The options: General Education, Technology Education, Skills Center, etc.

  • Salary Levels - Variables that affect salary levels.

  • Skills & Interests - What careers most closely fit both specific interests and abilities.

  • Employers - What are employers looking for and how to increase marketability for future

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