Career and Student Employment Services

Cooperative Education/Internships

Overview Of Cooperative Education

The term “Cooperative Education” is used to cover internships, work-based learning, and experiential learning. Cooperative Education (CO-OP) embodies the philosophy that education becomes complete when theory and experience are both part of the education process. As a Cooperative Education Student, or Cooperative Education Employment Supervisor, or as a Faculty CO-OP Coordinator, we applaud your participation in the Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Cooperative Education program.

Employer/ Internship Supervisors:

As a Cooperative Education Employment Supervisor, you can expect to be involved in the training of a member of your industry’s future workforce. In most cases you will be involved in the development of program objectives and you will participate in the grading process. Through interaction with the Cooperative Education Student and Faculty CO-OP Coordinator you may, in some cases, gain information and access to new technologies. Participation in Cooperative Education /Internships can help you in your recruiting efforts, serve as a proving ground for potential employees, and allow you to give feedback to Salt Lake Community College about education programs which train your present and future workforce.

This program is designed to be a “WIN”, “WIN”, “WIN” program for all participants.

Cooperative Education is administered through the Student Employment and Cooperative Education Services (SECES) of Salt Lake Community College. Participation in CO-OP is by permission only. Permission may be obtained through a CO-OP specialist, general SECES Employment Specialist, program faculty members, or program Division Chair. Cooperative Education Specialists are available during office hours to work with students, Employment Supervisors, and Faculty CO-OP Coordinators to help facilitate the CO-OP process.

With over twenty-five years of experience in Cooperative Education, we can assure you that the results of your investment in Cooperative Education can be well worth the time and effort you invest.

How do I Register for Cooperative Education?

Please contact the Career and Student Employment Services department to verify qualifications. You must have a signed approval form from a Cooperative Education Specialist or a Division Chair in order to register for Cooperative Education.

CO-OP Orientation Information

Attendance is required at a Cooperative Education orientation. Orientations are held at each campus. Dates and times are found in the current class schedule. Orientations are approximately ½ to 1 hour in length. They are scheduled at various times. Attendance is required at one of the orientation sessions. Please be prepared to pay for a CO-OP packet. This packet has information and required forms to help you complete your CO-OP experience. Cost of the packet is $10.00. Payment by money order or check will be accepted at the orientation. Cash payment or advance payment may be made at the cashiering office. If paid at cashiering, a copy of your receipt will be required.

CO-OP is considered an academic class. You will need to pay registration fees the same as you would for any other class.