Picture of two Service-Learning faculty working on a farm, with tools in hand.Academic service-learning at SLCC is nationally recognized for best practices in faculty development and student engagement. The program provides a supportive infrastructure as well as professional development and mentoring for faculty that facilitates the involvement of all stakeholders in a collaborative learning process. The program also supports assessment efforts of our General Education Civic Engagement student learning outcomes.

Service-learning enhances course learning outcomes and student engagement while also addressing community-identified needs. Service-learning incorporates critical reflective thinking and civic engagement into academic coursework by means of integrating service opportunities with nonprofits, governmental, and/or educational community partners. Service-learning involves students in activities that attend to local needs while developing their academic skills, increasing their subject matter knowledge, and commitment to their communities. Service-learning commonly intersects with other High Impact Practices.

Examples of service-learning include:

  • Faculty working with a non-profit community partner to inform course content and to identify potential research and inquiry path
  • Students engage civically through advocacy
  • Students practice critical reflection through such activities as journal writing, group discussion, or presentations.

The Engaged Learning Program is here to support your community-based work in any way that we can. We will work with you to designate your class as a service-learning course, help you form community partnerships through the Thayne Center for Service & Learning, brainstorm possible critical reflection assignments, anything that will engage your students with your curriculum in exciting and experiential ways. We also offer a number of professional development opportunities, so that you can stay current in the service-learning field. Explore the possibilities.

The Service-Learning Grant & Designation program (SLG&D) seeks proposals for the development of new service-learning courses, the modification of existing service-learning courses and/or departments seeking an Engaged Department/program designation.

Check out this example of Engaged Department Work!

Service-Learning Professional Development Series

Service-Learning Professional Development Series (SLPDS) is a hybrid professional development course for PT/FT faculty. The course provides an overview of service-learning pedagogy. Discover why this experiential teaching method is considered a high-impact practice by the American Association of Community Colleges.

Service-Learning and Engaged Department Guide

A guide has been developed to provide academic departments and faculty with assistance and resources for their community engagement efforts. The service-learning guide supports faculty to learn about about and stay active in the pedagogy of service-learning, designate a service-learning course, form and maintain community partnership, and involve students with curriculum in civic engagement. The engaged department guide helps departments identify the components of an engaged department, measure capacity of community engagement and service-learning, and support the overall integration of community engagement into departmental mission, climate and culture.

Networking Events and other opportunities

Enjoy refreshments with community partners, students, faculty, staff and administrators at our community partner speed networking. Gain resources for your course, department, or program, and discover service opportunities.

Engaged Faculty Institute

Gain a deeper understanding of how to integrate civic responsibility in the academic curriculum at the Engaged Faculty Institute event.

Designated Service-Learning Classes

See our list of SLCC designated service-learning classes in a wide variety of disciplines, from Sociology to English, Business to Education.

Service-Learning Student Project Fund Request for Proposals

The Service-Learning Student Project Fund (SLSPF) is designated for students enrolled in designated service-learning classes and select other programs, as managed by the Engaged Learning Program. These students may request funding to offset costs directly related to their service-learning projects.


Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of service-learning students and student leaders across the college. The showcase will highlight service-learning and ePortfolio projects. Enjoy food, coffee, fun, and an exciting program that explores stories about service, reflection and integration. Selected students will receive a tuition waiver for the spring 2018 semester!

Volunteer Opportunities