Computer Science and Networking

Computer Maintenance Technology

The CMT contest requires contestants to identify and repair computer hardware malfunctions, solve configuration problems, and install common components. In addition, the contestants take the A+ Certification exam. Their score on this exam is used as the basis for the written portion of the contest, and contestants who pass the exam receive their A+ Certification.

Computer Programming

Competition consists of project coding and output, a skill-related written test and an interview. The contestants will receive a packet that includes instructions to the written test and each of the two projects. Each project's specifications are written for Visual Basic, Java, C#, C++ and RPG. The projects will be saved on the Desktop in a folder called "SkillsUSA Contestant#_." All projects will be downloaded to a jump drive or diskette (whichever the student prefers) and transferred to a main station to be printed, both code and screen.


The contest consists of three main parts--networking design, general networking knowledge and hands-on evaluations. The networking design problem tests a contestant's ability to design functionality, scalability, adaptability and manageability of an internetworking system. The online written portion tests the student's complete knowledge of internetworking concepts. The hands-on component demonstrates the abilities of the contestant to make cables, trouble shoot network systems, configure routers, switches and servers, to deliver customer service in a technical assistant center environment. The contestants will find errors in WAN and LAN networks; do an ISP configuration using routers and switches; talk a technician through an error they are having on their network; and, take an online, certification type test. The national contest is based on the most current CCNA certification. In today's job market system administration skills are needed, therefore the server skills listed here will be scored: Install DNS, create a record, install active directory service, and DHCP. In addition, contestants should have knowledge of creating user and group accounts on Windows Server 2008.

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Telecommunications Cabling

For students interested in voice and data network cabling and installation. This competition tests to worldwide industry standards for data and voice connections, physical and logical networks and signal transmission. Contestants demonstrate skills in reading network design documentation, parts list set- up and purchase, pulling and mounting cable, choosing wiring closets, patch panel installation and termination, installing jacks and cable testing. Both CAT 5/6e and fiber optics cable are presented. The contest stresses safety and working effectively in group environments as well as customer service skills.