Competition Requirements

SkillsUSA Attire for men and women

An on-line professional resume is required.  Students must logon to the SkillsUSA website and create their resume.

A community service project is require and must be documented.

New Chapters:  Starting a new chapter is easy.  There are 5 steps to form a new Chapters.  Visit the Skills USA page for Educators to learn more about the benefits and how to start a SkillsUSA Chapter in your area.  

Required Contests:  At least one student from each Chapter is required to compete in one of the leadership contests.  Failure to compete, may disqualify everyone who is planning to compete in other contests.


Dues and Deadlines

National Dues: 
$8 per student plus state dues
$14 per professional plus state dues

State Dues:
High School Student: $6.50
College/Post-Secondary Student $8.00
Professional: none

State Deadlines: 
Early Deadline: November 15th
Late Deadline: February 15th

You must meet both the state and national requirements to compete at the state or national level.  To find the forms to enroll, please visit the SkillsUSA Enrollment website.