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Student Clubs and Organizations

List of SLCC Student Clubs and Organizations

American Chemical Society

Participate in service and research projects as well as field trips to broaden student’s ideas of how chemistry is used in the world today.

American Indian Student Leadership (AISL)

Provide peer support through positive interaction, share and cultivate appreciation for all Native American/Alaskan Native nations. 

American Sign Language (ASL)

Our mission is to help students understand and be involved with the deaf community, as well as to help learn and/or improve signing skills, while having lots of fun. 

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Increase participation and interest in civil engineering.

American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)

Expose and provide members opportunity to better understand the engineering profession.

Asian Student Association (ASA)

Promote Asian awareness and share our culture with the community.

Aviation Maintenance Technicians

The purpose of this organization shall be to form a competitive maintenance team to represent Salt Lake Community College on a national level, also to integrate students into professional setting expanding their opportunities for employment upon graduation.


To enhance the potential of life science majors.

Black Student Union

Facilitate academic support for Black Student Union members through tutoring, and peer mentoring. Provide leadership opportunities.

Bruin Robotics Club

Provide students with opportunities to design and test various robotic systems and the use of the Arduino microprocessor.  This will provide the students the ability to stay current and even excel in areas that are well supported at other local and national institutions.

Bucket List Club

Putting more fun, freedom and fulfillment in to the student body.

Chess Club

Foster cross cultural friendships through chess.

Collegiate DECA (formaly DEX)

Further the professional development of students and to help pre-pare students in the business marketing field for the real world.

Criminal Justice Club

Our goal is to create opportunities through education with the resources available through the criminal justice program, together we can share ideas, support, and develop leadership within the criminal justice field.

Culinary Arts and Pastry Club

To enhance the learning process by providing a forum where members can network, share ideas, voice concerns, showcase talents, and discuss culinary topics/events.

Disability Awareness Club

To spread awareness about disabilities

Hispanic/Latino Club (HLC)

Strives to break the social barriers of Hispanics.

Instrumental Music Club

Promote all forms of music involving instruments and support concerts of music involving these instruments for the students, faculty, and administration. Create greater awareness and participation with the orchestra, concert band, jazz, pop bands, and all popular genre's of music. Participate in local, national, and international music events.

Interior Design Club

Be leaders in design for Utah and embrace our colleagues and community by exceeding goals and expectations for fabulous, thought provoking and incredible design.

International Indoor Soccer Club

We want to teach the sport of indoor soccer to other students and promote the world famous sport.

La Langue de Moliere (French Club)

Extend the teachings of the language by offering activities.

Language Exchange Club

To have a chance to study, exchange language and culture opportunity.

Lapidary Jewelry Club

To support the arts by gathering to develop skills in lapidary and jewelry making. To increase school spirit and pride with school sponsored functional club.

Latinos in Action

Our mission is to instill the value of education in the community by empowering our culture, while breaking down prejudice stereotypes imposed by ideologies.


Lift where you stand.


Support students who study math, sciences, engineering and other technologies and expose them to industry professionals.

Mind Mastery International

Bring mind mapping skills and techniques included in LE courses at Salt Lake Community College to the school, communicate and aid in personal group success in school and business.

Model United Nations

We aim to educate students about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the UN's agenda.

Muslim Student Association

To raise awareness of the true meaning of Islam.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

To promote academic success and preparation for leadership roles in the community.

October 7th Anti-War Committee

We are a coalition of students who have come together to build opposition to all U.S. wars and interventions.

Pacific Unity Association (PUA)

The PUA club promotes the Pacific Island cultures by creating educational opportunities to serve the community and learn from its members. This is accomplished by cultivating an appreciation of our heritage, furthers an understanding of and improves our way of life and is accepting of everyone.

Paralegal Society

To help paralegal students reach their educational and professional goals.

Phi Theta Kappa

To recognize and encourage scholarly academic excellence among two-year college students.

Physical Therapy Association

To provide service opportunities for physical therapist assistant students.

Pre Pharmacy Info Learning Society

Help others learn and inform them about pharmacy and pursue a career in that field.


To promote osteopathy and inform the public about osteopathic medical education and prepare students for success as osteopathic physicians.

Pre-Med Club

To provide members with pre professional information in community service and leadership opportunities.

Psi-Beta Honor Society

To promote professional development of psychology students in two year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.

Psychology Club

Gain a better understanding of the discipline of psychology, promote mental health and well-being within our school.

Queer- Straight Alliance Coloring Outside the Lines

To promote the ideal of equality among students, the community and campus life. We are dedicated to education of egalitarian thought and considerations.

Resonance Club

To support music production by advanced commercial music students.

Revolutionary Student Union

To educate, study and discuss issues surrounding our political and economic system.

Rugby Club

We want to teach the sport of Rugby to other students and give them an opportunity to be part of a team.

Salt Lake Community College Men's Soccer Club

To provide student athletes with the opportunity to play at a high level of competition while continuing their education.  To represent SLCC at a state, regional and national level in the sport of soccer.  To uphold SLCC's academic, athletic and sportmanship satandards while competing and attending tournaments.  To enhance academic and athletic opportunities for student athletes beyond SLCC.  to include Salt Lake Citty community and expose SLCC to the community at a large through the game of soccer.  To form partnerships with youth soccer clubs through the game of soccer.  to add to the bruin pride athletic spirit through the game of soccer.

Skills USA

Prepare students for leadership roles in the workforce of today.

Skills USA (Non Credit Chapter)

SkillsUSA's mission is to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens.

SLCC Anthropology Club

Thew SLCC Anthropology Club works to administer the SLCC community with events and an awareness that advances society to a further understanding of anthropological thought and theory.


Amtgard is a type of "sport" that has LARP activities about it.  This group is an escape from the daily life, an excellent opportunity to meet people with similar interests and a good form of exercise.

SLCC Climbing Club

To promote community, fitness and love for the outdoors through rock climbing.

SLCC Cub Club

To provide after school services, college orientation and fundamentals to the youth

SLCC Cycling

Bringing men and women of all levels together to promote healthy life styles through competitive and non competitive cycling.

SLCC Fashion Club

We work to network students with school, professors and industry professionals; bringing opportunity and knowledge to better prepare students for future careers.

SLCC Otaku

To deeply understand the culture and meaning of Anime in America.

SLCC Singers

Helping others enjoy and feel the spirit of music

Social Work Association

To promote students collaboration, outreach and awareness.

Society of Women Engineers

To present engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women and ot expand the image of the engineering profession as a private force in improving quality of life

Sound Sport

We are dedicated to providing world class performances through music and movement while providing a highly educational experience for its members.  As well as supporting the fine arts department at Salt Lake Community College.

Sports Rally

Those who are dedicated and passionate to play a variety of sports or even those who want to get involved in a certain sport activity.

Student American Dental Hygiene Association First Years

Assist students in realizing the importance of the dental hygienist role in community service efforts and continuing education.

Student American Dental Hygiene Association Second Years

Affirm personal and professional commitment to improve oral health.

Student Health Advisory Committe (SHAC)

Play a uniquely effective role in encouraging our peers to consider and talk honestly about habits, attitudes and lifestyles.

Student Nurse Alliance (SNA)

Prepare students to improve the future of nursing. 

Student Veterans of Salt Lake Community College

Our purpose is to bring veterans of the College together.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Our Club is a network of students established for the purpose of increasing awareness of the impact drug abuse has on our community and how the war on drugs is failing our generation

Students of Occupational Therapy Assistance (SOTA)

Provide service to the community through service learning and making people aware of SOTA.

Tango Club

Too attract new people and encourage growth in all who discover, experience, enjoy and help preverse the music, dance and culture of Argentine tango.

Ultimate Motion Dance Club

Introduce hip-hop urban dance culture to SLCC students that have a passion or just interested in learning different types of hip hop moves.

United Student Association: A Better Vision

The purpose of the club is to promote collaboration between refugee and traditional students, building connections, and facilitating services to help students who are refugees succeed in higher education.

Woodturners Club

To establish fellowship with other students by improving and learning skills in the art of woodturning.

Young Americans for Liberty

To purpose of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle".  Our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates and direction of our government.

Zumba Club

Promote health and dance. Allow students to release stress, party and burn a lot of calories.

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