Inactive Club List

SLCC Student Clubs and Organizations

Animation Club

The animation club was created to improve the art and communication skills of the students and practice the basics of animation. We will use the art skills to entertain other students and obtain new experience for the members of the club.

President: Jhon J Castillo,
Advisor: Chad Erekson,

Chess Club

Chess Club gives students an opportunity to play friendly games of chess against their peers in a low-stress environment. Students of all levels are welcome to come, as help is given to those who need it.

President: Elliot Befus,
Advisor: Kurt Shirkey,

Circle K International

Our purpose is to help develop college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service. The three tenets are service, leadership, and fellowship. Members of Circle K will meet other students with different backgrounds and experiences. We engage in the community by participating in diverse service projects. Students also learn to take initiative in projects and gain leadership and fellowship skills that they can use not only in the classroom, but also in the workforce.

Advisor: Karen Kwan,

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Club

Our club will strive to foster a new generation of students that are aware of information security. Through both education and experience, we can educate the next generation of security technicians, penetration-testers, and ethical hackers. As a group, we can increase our own knowledge through collaborative learning and can make our digital world more secure. Let’s band together as a group and make the Salt Lake Community College family more secure.

Advisor: Rob Buhler,

Life Forward Club

Men's Volleyball

We are the Men's Volleyball Club Team. We participate in competitive volleyball play in the Mountain West Volleyball Conference.

President: Kris Burns,, (801) 864-4742

Operation Yazidi

This club is made to increase awareness about the Yazidi genocide. We are looking to help Yazidi students and families who will be attending SLCC. We will work and collaborate with SLCC community to achieve our future goals.

President: Dawood Ahmed,, (435)817-2808
Advisor: John William,

Oxfam Club

Oxfam was created to help bring about change and create solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice.

President: Felix Martinez, (801) 243-7010
Advisor: Julia Wylie,

Portuguese Club

Our club activities are planned to investigate, celebrate, and share the cultures of Portuguese speaking countries.

President: Jarret, (435) 224-8959
Advisor: Mark Nelson,

Prana Yoga Club

Prana Yoga Club provides an opportunity for our on campus yoga teacher trainers to teach yoga locally as part of their training, as well as provide students with the opportunity to practice yoga without the cost of going to a studio.

President: Tazmin Dixon,, (385)222-8835
Advisor: Paula Williams,

Raspberry PI Club, SLCC

This club uses the Raspberry Pi Computer to become better programmers, learn to work as a team, learn to take initiative and better our members for a future career.

President: Travis Schnider, (208) 818-6598
Advisor: Darren Hunter,

Recovery Rock Stars

We offer support for individuals with Mental Diagnoses and or addiction, we provide a on campus support group and do a service project in the community.

President: Rusti Stalliviere,, (806) 459-0000
Advisor: Zendina Mostert,

Students for the Exploration & Development of Space (SEDS)

SEDS is a community for students interested in space exploration engineering and science. We facilitate space-related student projects and organize industry networking events.

President: Jon Matheson,
Advisor: David Schaffer,