Student Life and Leadership


Picture of Curt Larsen

Curtis Larsen

Currently Serving as Interim Assistant Vice President for Student Planning & Support
Taylorsville Redwood Campus, STC 266
Curt's primary position is Director of Student Life & Leadership, but is currently serving as the Interim Assistant Vice President of Student Planning and Support while the college searches for a new Vice President of Student Services.

Picture of Peggy Hoffman

Peggy Hoffman

Interim Director of Student Life and Leadership
Taylorsville Redwood Campus, STC 124D
Peggy is over all Student Life and Leadership areas, the President's Board, student activities, scholarship recipients, student involvement and advises the Student Body President

Leslie Langi

Administrative Assistant
Taylorsville Redwood Campus, STC 124
Leslie is our office manager, financial and personnel expert, and is over travel and expenses.

Picture of Joan Christiansen

Joan Christiansen

Taylorsville Redwood Campus, STC 232B
Joan works with and advises the Clubs & Organizations Vice President and board, organizes all Washington DC Interships, plans Student Life and Leadership's Profiles in Leadership and works on many special events and projects for the office.

Picture of Brandi Mair

Brandi Mair

Taylorsville Redwood Campus, STC 124J
Brandi advises the Central Region Vice President and board, Student Senate Vice President and board, the StrengthsQuest Team, Cheer Team and plans elections/selections.

Picture of Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson

Taylorsville Redwood Campus, STC 124H 
Tyler advises the Publicity and Advertising Vice President and board and South Region Vice President and board. He is also oversees the programming on the SLCCSA Digital Signage Network and plans elections/ selections.

Picture of Doctor Abio Ayeliya

Doctor Abio Ayeliya

South City Campus, 2-070
Abio advises the South Region Vice President and board and Fine Arts and Lectures Vice President and board, SLCC Soccer Team and plans Student Life and Leadership's Diversity Dinner.