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About the Student Senate

If you have a problem, we can solve it. And if we can't, we'll get it to the people who can. We are here to represent the students. One senator is assigned to each school within the college and to each region (Central, North, and South).

Purpose of the Student Senate

Be the most effective Student Senate in Utah by dedicating ourselves to:

  1. Actively seek out student issues and concerns
  2. Effectively research issues and thoughtfully consider all possible solutions to problems
  3. Collaborate with faculty and administration to improve the college experience as a whole

2016 Student Senate

vp Connor
assistant Andrea Brunker
south region senator Jose Vera
Central Region Senator
south region senator Cheyanne Bradshaw
South Region Senator
north region senator Ian Richter
North Region Senator
school of health science senator Nour Alkheishali
School of Health Science Senator
school of math, engineering, and science senator Davies Young
School of Math, Engineering, and Sciences Senator
school of business senator Austin Lemon
School of Business Senator
school of arts, new media and communications senator Hannah Ranck
School of Arts, New Media, and Communications Senator
school of technology senator Jiayu Yang
School of Technology Senator
school of humanities & social sciences senator (No Senator at the Moment)
School of Humanities & Social Sciences Senator
inclusivity senator (No Senator at the Moment)
Inclusivity Senator
governmental affairs chair Spencer Escobar
Governmental Affairs Chair

Contact Info

Josselyn Ramos

Josselyn Ramos

Executive Vice President


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