School of Science, Mathematics and Engineering

The Oral Presentation/Demonstration

The goal of an oral presentation should be to teach your audience and the judges about something that you have learned in a classroom, lab or extracurricular setting which pertains to the sciences or engineering.

Each oral presentation should be composed of a 10 minute lecture accompanied by a PowerPoint slide set or actual demonstration. Each speaker will be provided with a five minute set-up period as well as a five minute Q&A session. Altogether the presenter will be allotted 20 minutes per presentation.

Creating a great presentation takes significant preparation.  Check out this link for some guidance:

A Guide for Technical Presentations

To participate with an oral presentation or demonstration poster in the Symposium you’ll need to submit a proposal describing your project by the abstract deadline.  Then at least a week before the symposium you’ll need to submit an electronic copy of your final PowerPoint presentation. ( See the Important Dates for the exact timing.)

Here are the general judging criteria for oral presentations.

1.            Is the scientific content explained clearly?

2.            Is information presented in an organized, logical sequence?

3.            Does the presenter effectively use graphics, equations and symbols to explain or support points?

4.            Was documentation used to support the research?

5.            Was spelling, punctuation, choice of language, etc. appropriate?

6.            Was the specified format used?

7.            Did the presentation stay within the established time limits?

8.            Was the demeanor and appearance of the presenter professional?

See below for examples of slide sets for previous entries.