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School of Science, Mathematics and Engineering

Submitting Your Proposal for the Symposium

How To Submit

To participate in the Science, Mathematics and Engineering (SME) Symposium, you must apply online by emailing a submission to

The subject line of your email should be formatted as "Submission-YourLastName." In the body of the email, provide a brief cover letter. Finally, attach the submission form (PDF), making sure to include the following:

  • Date
  • Name of Participant(s)
  • Preferred Phone number and Email of all Participants
  • Field of Study (ie. Biology, Physics, etc.)
  • Category (oral presentation, poster presentation, popular article, analytic report, or demonstration)
  • Title of Entry
  • 200-300 word abstract of your proposed entry
    Your abstract should:
    1. Outline your project's purpose in one or two sentences
    2. Briefly describe any research, methods, and outcomes relevant to your project
    3. Highlight the potential contributions of your project to your research subject or other professionals in your field of study.

NOTE: In order to ensure your entry is submitted properly, please make sure the details you have included are saved to the PDF prior to submission. Otherwise, your form may arrive blank and processing your abstract could be delayed. A word document (.doc format) may also be accepted, provided all of the information requested on the original submission form has been included.

Abstract samples can be easily found online, especially in your profession's peer reviewed journals, but here are two abstracts to look at: this first abstract on Nitrate ISEs (PDF) is displayed using our form and was accepted into last year's symposium while this second abstract on monarch butterflies is from a research article.

Selection Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based on the participants' abilities to provide an abstract that includes the above information and upon the potential merit and coherence of the abstract. Submissions with incomplete abstracts (those which do not contain all the criteria above) are subject to rejection without review.

Submissions and abstracts will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Response to the submissions will depend upon the number of submissions received and may take several weeks or longer. Responses to submissions will indicate whether the submission has been accepted and provide further instruction regarding the submission of the proposed entry.

Your participation in the SME Symposium depends upon whether the SME Symposium selection committee approves your submission. This committee may be comprised of SME faculty or staff.


By participating in the SME Symposium, you acknowledge that your submissions and entries may be used as samples for SLCC training, assessment, or other internal and non-commercial purposes.

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