School of Science, Mathematics and Engineering

The Technical Poster presentation:

Technical posters offer an alternative way to present research to a symposium or conference audience. Each technical poster for the SME Symposium should be 36” x 48” and explain a particular study that you have performed. The poster needs to contain a six or seven part format: a title, an introduction and/or abstract, an optional list of objectives, a methodology, a discussion or results section, a conclusion and your sources.   Your poster should stand on its own, but typically the authors of posters accompany them and discuss the information with conference participants.  Think of posters as a way of launching a conversation about your work. At our symposium evaluators will stop by and expect you to explain your work, and may ask questions.

 There is no one correct way to create a poster, however most are created using a PowerPoint template, such as the one found on this website.

If you prefer a different template feel free to use it… but make sure you include all of the components listed above.

There are many online resources available to help you create a great poster presentation.  Here’s one we like:

To participate with a poster in the Symposium you’ll need to submit a proposal describing your project by the abstract deadline.  Then, at least a week before the symposium you’ll need to submit an electronic copy of your poster. (See the Important Dates for the exact timing.)  We will print a half size version for your final proofing and then one copy of the final product.  If we need to print additional copies due to last minute changes, you will be responsible for the printing costs.

Here are the general judging criteria for posters.

  1. Is the scientific content explained clearly?
  2.  Is information presented in an organized, logical sequence?
  3. Does the presenter effectively use graphics, equations and symbols to explain or support points?
  4. Was documentation used to support the research?
  5. Was spelling, punctuation, choice of language, etc. appropriate?
  6. Was the specified format used? (Correct size and organization)
  7. Was the demeanor and appearance of the presenter professional?

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