School of Science, Mathematics and Engineering

Our 2013 Winners by Category



Written Submission:

Vaughn Weston picture




Technical Poster (Individual):

Blake Wallrich picture

Botryoidal Structure


Blake Wallrich
Andrew Fernlund



Andrew Fernlund with his poster picture



Technical Poster (Group):

Walt Sorensen picture

Artificial Gravity for Space Stations and Interplanetary Travel


Walt Sorensen
Nick Lovell
Justin Wettstien
Luis Eduardo


Group Poster Team with Poster



Technical Poster (Faculty-assisted):

Faculty-assisted Poster Team picture

Analysis of Flavor Volatiles Infusion in Single Origin High Cacao Content Specialty Chocolate via GC-MS


Sydney Richards, Kristine Buttars, Kylee Shumway,
Lacie Cates, Jenna Serr, Spencer Bremer, Mary Alvarez,
Peter Iles, Luther Giddings, Neil Bastian, Ron Valcarce


Faculty-assisted Poster



Oral Presentations (Section 1):

Oral Presentation Group picture

Artificial Gravity


Matt Brady
Tyler Green
Mike Turley
Zak Wilde




Oral Presentations (Section 2):

Korral Broschinsky picture

Using GIS to Track and Analyze Gentrification in Salt Lake City’s Avenues Historic District 1960 - 2010


Korral Broschinsky






Oral Presentations (Section 3):

Justin Mann picture

The Realities and Possibilities of Constructing the Space Elevator


Justin Mann