School of Science, Mathematics and Engineering

Written Submission

There are two forms of written submissions accepted for our symposium, a written report on a scientific topic that interests you, or a research paper. The written report refers to any full length paper that describes some scientific or engineering concept to a general audience. The research paper is a written submission of a lab experiment or experimental study for a scientific or engineering audience.

For the purposes of this event, either form of written submission should be between 10 and 20 pages long.  It should follow the APA format and reference guidelines. 

APA Format and Reference Guidelines

Written submissions should be double spaced, use the 12 point Times New Roman font and should use standard margins.

Technical journals and societies each have their own guidelines, but variations on the APA format are commonly used in scientific communications.

To participate with a written paper in the Symposium, you’ll need to submit an abstract describing your project by the abstract deadline.  Then, at least 2 weeks before the symposium, you’ll need to submit an electronic copy of your paper. (See Important Dates for the exact timing.) On the day of the symposium evaluators will meet with you to discuss your paper.  They’ll ask for an overview of your project, and then may ask for clarification on some of the material either in your overview or in the paper.

Here are the general judging criteria for written submissions.

  1. Is the scientific content explained clearly?
  2.  Is information presented in an organized, logical sequence?
  3. Does the writer effectively use graphics, equations and symbols to explain or support points?
  4. Was documentation used to support the research?
  5. Was spelling, punctuation, choice of language, etc. appropriate?
  6. Was the specified format used?