Staff Association

Staff Association Executive Board

Staff Association Objectives:

The primary purposes of the Association are:

  • To facilitate communication, understanding, and cooperation among all staff members of Salt Lake Community College;

  • To promote the development of unity and sense of identity among Staff Association members as a community of peers;

  • To provide an authoritative voice for expressing problems and concerns of Association members;

  • To promote professional growth of the members;

  • To promote a sound working relationship with Salt Lake Community College administration and faculty;

  • To provide an open avenue of communication with other higher education associations;

  • To continue to promote a professional environment for students and staff;

  • To promote the objectives and general welfare of Salt Lake Community College.

Contact Us

Julia Ellis
SAEB President

Please send any questions,
comments, or concerns to your
Delegate or Delegate-Elect.


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Each month we recognize individuals who are nominated by fellow staffers.

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