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Staff Star

Recognize and thank the SLCC's exceptional employee! Your nominations will be forwarded to the employee and your comments published in a monthly newsletter.

The SLCC Staff Association is excited to introduce and extend an invitation to you to participate in the Staff Star Recognition Program! 

The program will help recognize on an ongoing basis the countless SLCC staff members who regularly advance the mission of the College by providing exceptional access and service to our students, staff, faculty and partners.

The program is a monthly recognition of current full-time and part-time staff members who have Stepped Ahead and gone the “extra mile” in their job. 

Nomination forms will be accepted on an ongoing basis from any SLCC employee, vendor, or student. Download and save the form and follow the instructions. You will receive a confirmation of your submittal within 48 hours of receipt.

Nominations will be gathered monthly and the names of all nominees will appear in a monthly e-mail notice.  Each month, five nominees will be randomly drawn from the submissions; those five nominees will receive prizes. All nominees will receive a special Staff Star Certificate. 

In enthusiastic support of the Staff Star program, President Bioteau has graciously offered to host semi-annual Staff Star luncheons. Guests for these small group luncheons with the President will be randomly drawn from all current nominees.

SLCC Staff Star Form

Each month we recognize individuals who are nominated by fellow staffers.

Nominate an SLCC Staff Star by submitting a web form or

Download Staff Star PDF 

Instructions for submitting the form

Completed forms may be emailed to your Delegate, Delegate-Elect, or hand delivered.

Any questions please contact:

Kathy Shipley 801-957-4939

MaryJane Thompson 801-957-4276