Focused Tutoring

Focused Tutoring is for students who have been referred to us by their Disability Resource Center Advisor. This service is available for students that have disability-related needs that may not be met by drop-in services and is offered in two (2) one-hour appointments per week.

If you need Focused Tutoring, please contact the Disability Resource Center. For more information about Focused Tutoring, please contact your preferred STEM Learning Center location:

Campus Email Phone
Taylorsville Redwood 801-957-4138
South City 801-957-3261
Jordan 801-957-2852

Note: If you miss three tutoring appointments without notifying the STEM Learning Centers in advance, you may lose the opportunity to make future tutoring appointments. (You may continue to get help via drop-in tutoring.)

If you are an advisor with the Disability Resource Center and you need to refer a student for Focused Tutoring, please contact one of the coordinators above regarding referral procedures.