Peer Action Leaders

The Peer Action Leader program is a leadership/tuition waiver program designed to build leadership skills, broaden the educational experience which includes sharing learning, knowledge, and skills with peers in order to create, implement and promote leadership and service opportunities that will enhance student development in the educational community.


The mission of the Peer Action Leaders is to promote student educational growth, leadership skills, personal development and civic engagement.  Peer leaders will be given the opportunity to develop and implement department-related and college-wide community projects and activities.

Demonstrate initiative, resourcefulness and time management
Participate in mandatory training
Understand and support departments' goals and programs
Explore potential career interests and fields
Promote leadership skills to encourage creativity, vision and service to others
Receive necessary training to support department goals and programming for college-wide activities
Provide programming to diverse cultures and underrepresented groups at the college
Develop interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills in working relationships
Gain an understanding of and support for the mission of the College

Commitment to the Peer Action Leader program = 150 hours per semester

Rationale for Hours:
Appropriate time commitment is needed to meet expectations of the program, which includes working effectively with groups and on department projects.

Additionally, time is needed to develop required skills to carry out responsibilities to complete assigned tasks and to provide outreach to the college community of your peers.