Cheryl Marzec

Wow, STUDENTfacturED!   What an exciting opportunity.   I’ve had a marvelous career working with established companies to improve the way they do business.   I have often thought how great it would be to set up a company using the business and quality principles I’ve espoused for 20+ years.   STUDENTfacturED is an opportunity to do this and assist STUDENTS as they gain experience setting up and running the company!  

STUDENTfacturED is an assemblage of professionals with a variety of experiences.   Together we bring the skills necessary to guide students as THEY set up and run STUDENTfacturED, a biomanufacturing company.   My career has been spent in industry with much of my experience and skills in the area of business and quality management systems (QMS).  

  • Starting and running my consulting company, Marzec & Associates, for 15+ years
  • Working with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulation to help companies assure they comply with them
  • Implementing ISO 9000 type quality management systems
  • Performing process audits of organizations to assure they are compliant to standards and FDA regulations, as appropriate to their industry
  • Developing document management systems
  • Writing process documentation
  • Developing and teaching technical courses in a variety of different disciplines
  • Starting and running a small non-profit company, Sumi Nungwa, that provides food, clothing, medical supplies, and other necessities to Hopi and Navajo Elders

I’ve had opportunities to learn about a wide variety of products and services.   Some of these include:

  • Software & Hardware Development & Support
  • Metrology
  • Defense Electronic Communications
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Polymer & Fiberglass Coatings
  • Garage Door Manufacturing
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Dental Products Manufacturing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Drilling Hose Manufacturing
  • Publishing
  • Rubber Compounding


  • BS from University of Utah in Physical Geography, Geology minor, 1985
  • MBA partially complete from Westminster College, 1997

Other Positions

  • Marzec and Associates, business & quality standards consulting, owner, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Unisys Corporation, Software & Hardware Quality Assurance Engineer, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Sumi Nungwa, non-profit, Executive Vice-President, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Marzec Properties, owner/manager, Salt Lake City, Utah

Pertinent Certifications:

  • American Society for Quality, Senior Member
  • American Society for Quality, Salt Lake Section, Education Chair
  • Former Lead Assessor with the Registrar Accreditation Board and International Registration of Certified Auditors