Chloe Cigarroa

STUDENTfacturED Product Manager

As a junior in high school, I began my science career by enrolling in the biotechnology program at the Jordan Applied Technology Center (JATC). I was inspired by the hands-on lab experience that I gained and continued in the program as a high school senior and intern at InnovaBio of Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). When I graduated Copper Hills High School in 2010, I continued enrollment in the biotechnology program at SLCC. Soon after, in November 2010, I began working as the Lab Manager at the JATC. I enjoyed working with students and sharing my experiences with them. In December of 2011, I earned my Associate of Science degree in biotechnology.

I began working as a Cleanroom Analyst in the Product Sterility department at Nelson Laboratories, Inc. in February of 2012. My position required me to test the sterility of a wide range of medical devices and sterile products, from bandages to catheters to heart valves to human tissue. I liked that the “product” being sold was a service to the customer and to the healthcare community. Working in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom was a demanding, but an energizing learning experience. This challenging position taught me the discipline and integrity required when working in an FDA-regulated industry. I became a Team Lead of 5 analysts in the cleanroom in August of 2012.

While at Nelson Labs, I was introduced to Lean Manufacturing concepts and tools. I was immediately stirred by this new way of thinking and the kaizen culture that resulted. I took pleasure in taking on challenges with this new, lean tool belt. I had first-hand experiences in implementing lean, such as the 5S system. I particularly enjoyed working with my team as Project Manager to develop and implement standardized work for each position in the Product Sterility department. In June of 2013, I began acting as a Production Manager in my department to direct the flow of studies in and out of the cleanroom. I worked closely with Department Management to schedule employee and media resources to meet a standard of production. I also helped our Department Trainer to train employees to properly gown into and work in the cleanroom. It was exciting to work with other departments and senior leaders as a larger team to meet each other’s goals and resolve issues at Nelson Labs more quickly.

In February of 2014, I was brought into the SLCC’s biotechnology team as the STUDENTfacturED’s Product Manager and a mentor to STUDENTfacturED interns. I now have the privilege of working with students and other mentors in a learning community that is of the highest standard of educational experience. The products and kits that are made in STUDENTfacturED benefit the same biotechnology community of which I came from. I am most willing to share my GMP and Lean experience with enthusiasm with those around me, but will always be a student to new ideas and continuous improvement.



-AS from Salt Lake Community College in 2012

Prior positions:

-Lab Manager at Jordan Applied Technology Center, West Jordan, UT

-Cleanroom Analyst at Nelson Laboratories, Inc., Taylorsville, UT

-Production Manager/Resource Coordinator at Nelson Laboratories, Inc., Taylorsville, UT