Kasey Schuster, BS


Biotechnology Department Outreach Coordinator

I started my journey in biotechnology during my junior year of high school at the Jordan Applied Tech Center (JATC).  After graduating from high school in 2004, I began working as the Lab Manager for the Biotechnology Department at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) as well as the JATC.  At the same time began taking classes towards my associate’s degree.  I graduated in 2006 from SLCC with an Associate of Science Degree in General Studies and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Biotechnology Technology, both with Institutional Honors. 

After graduating, I went to Box Hill Institute in Melbourne, Australia through an exchange program set up by the SLCC Biotechnology Department.  In Australia I worked as a Technical Assistant focusing on the optimization of E. coli fermentation for the production of specific proteins of interest, and graduated from Box Hill Institute in 2007 with an Advanced Diploma in Laboratory Operation. 

Upon returning to the United States, I resumed working for SLCC and began taking classes from Utah Valley University (UVU)   I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biotechnology in 2009. 

After graduating, I was hired as the Biotechnology Outreach Coordinator for the Workforce Innovations in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) Project, funded by a federal grant.   This state-wide project provided workforce development support to the life science industry, and my role was to assist all of the biotechnology programs at the high school and college levels for the state. 

I now work on the Science Talent Expansion Program (STEP) project.  The goal of this federally funded program is to bring advanced hands-on science labs to the high schools.  To achieve this, we have partnered with Westminster College and UVU to let local high schools participate in the genome sequencing of an Archaea bacterium called Halorubrum salsolis

Bring these lab activities to the high schools requires the need laboratory supplies and instructions to be provided to each class.  These supplies are best provided as kits, packaged appropriately from the raw materials, so that the instructors will have the correct reagents to perform the lab activities with their students.  I’m looking forward to working with STUDENTfacturED to help produce these kits and coordinating our efforts to achieve the desired outcomes of both grant projects.


  • AS in General Studies from Salt Lake Community College, 2006
  • AAS in Biotechnology from Salt Lake Community College, 2006
  • Advanced Diploma in Laboratory Operation from Box Hill Institute, Australia, 2007
  • BS in Biotechnology from Utah Valley University, 2009

Prior Positions:

  • Lab Researcher at ZARS Pharma, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Lab Manager at Salt Lake Community College, West Jordan, UT
  • Technical Assistant at Box Hill Institute, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia
  • Biotechnology Resource Coordinator for WIRED Project, State of Utah