Future Students

School of Applied Technology

The right training could fast-track your way to a job. SLCC’s School of Applied Technology (SAT) offers practical, marketable job skills in a wide range of programs.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Train for entry-level jobs in business offices and healthcare.
  • Acquire technical skills in media and web design.
  • Learn welding, to install and repair HVAC, or drive big rigs.
  • Do you need to fill in the gaps? SAT offers assistance with basic skills such as reading, writing and math, and English as a Second Language. Get your GED, or prepare for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Test.

SAT is your skills solution

We realize you have to juggle your responsibilities and time. SAT courses are affordable and accessible. Among SAT advantages you’ll find:

  • Flexible scheduling. Class times to accommodate your availability.
  • Enroll now. Many courses are available immediately.
  • It’s a bargain. Tuition is based on $ 2.02 per clock hour. High school students attend tuition-free.
  • Ready to work. We have partnerships with Utah businesses and industry to offer you what they seek.