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Placement Test Prep Workshop

Attend a Workshop and Learn
How You Can Prepare For the Placement Test!

The First Year Experience Office offers the Accuplacer Placement Test Prep Workshop to teach NEW and CONTINUING students how to prepare  for the Accuplacer Placement Assessment. The FREE 30-minute workshop is offered weekly at various times and campuses. Register for a workshop here: 

During the workshop, you will:

  • Receive tips for preparing for and taking the Accuplacer
  • Receive information on websites and apps with practice tests and study guides for all sections of the Accuplacer 
  • Learn the test scores for placement into English and math courses
  • Learn how to access Learning Resources
  • Learn what to expect the day of  

Remember: Your scores on the Accuplacer
will determine the courses you may register for! 

March 2015 Workshop Dates and Locations 

Taylorsville-Redwood Campus

Wednesday       March   25        11:00 AM          Student Center - Parlor B

Tuesday             March   31           3:00 PM         Student Center - Parlor B

South City Campus

Tuesday             March   24           3:00 PM         ROOM 2-182

Jordan Campus

Friday                 March    27          2:00 PM          JHS Auditorium

April 2015 Workshop Dates and Locations 

Taylorsville-Redwood Campus

Thursday            April    9             1:00 PM         Business Building-BB 219

Thursday            April  16           12:00 PM        Student Center-STC 217

Thursday            April  23           12:00 PM        Business Building-BB 219

Tuesday              April  28             4:00 PM        Student Center-STC 225

South City Campus

Wednesday        April  1               3:00 PM        ROOM 2-164

Monday               April 13              3:00 PM        ROOM 2-164

Monday               April 20            11:00 AM        ROOM 2-170

Jordan Campus

Thursday           April  2                3:00 PM         High Tech Center-HTC 223

Friday                April  10              2:00 PM         JHS Auditorium

Tuesday            April  14              4:00 PM         High Tech Center-HTC 223

Thursday           April  30              3:00 PM        High Tech Center-HTC 223

Miller Campus

Wednesday       April  8               3:00 PM        Miller Free Enterprise Center-MFEC 108

Wednesday       April 22           11:00 AM        Miller Free Enterprise Center-MFEC 108

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